Sunday, July 6, 2008


In Japan, it's already July 7th, which means it's 7/7 -- Nana day! (The word for seven is pronounced Nana.) That means that across Japan, fangirls of the Ai Yazawa manga Nana (such as myself) are dressing up in cosplay in honor of the event. hyasynth saw me walking around as Oosaki Nana and I pounced -- "You can be the other Nana, Komatsu Nana!" She laughed at me and then acquiesced, and the two Nanas are together in our little cosplay ♥.

Komatsu Nana (hyasynth Tiramisu) and Oosaki Nana (me)

Cosplay is amazing in Second Life. You can put an outfit together in a few hours (or minutes, if you have a very big inventory like hyasynth). I'm all kinds of happy that I got to cosplay here, because it's my dream to do it sometime IRL. Sadly, as a 35 year old mom and grad student, I'm not young enough to sport that short a skirt, and I have no sewing skills. Virtual cosplay it has to be...

Why do I love Nana? Nana comes in manga form (sold nowadays in translation at an near you), as well as anime and live-action Japanese drama. It tells the soap-opera tale of two roommates in Tokyo, both named Nana. One of them wants to make it as the lead singer of a band, and the other one wants to find love... Even though their lives aren't perfect, their best friendship is the thread that holds the story together.

Ai Yazawa, the mangaka (manga author), excels at bittersweet love stories that have the hard edge of reality as well as the sweet shimmer of love...Paradise Kiss has a short (five volume) story arc that the people of the fashion feed would probably enjoy greatly, because it's about a boy in fashion school who is attempting to start his own line...

Thanks again to hyasynth for posing with me, and for taking and manipulating these awesome photos of our day's cosplay.

On Nana Komatsu (hyasynth Tiramisu):
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Marni 2
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Chunky Ribbon Boots - pink
***Bracelet: (Shiny Things) Glass Chunk double bracelet - b&w
***Shirt: (rose) clair de lune bodice ~silentsparrow~
***Pants: Hybrid Jeans - Boot Cut - Black
***Under-tank-top: Schadenfreude Hot Pink Batwing Tank
***More bracelets: -EARTHTONES- Vintage Crows Bangle Silver [L]
***And more bracelets: Grazia Bracelet, RoseS [L] -EARTHTONES boutique-
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Glitterati Necklace - Pink
***Earrings: !BF! Chandelier & Leaves Earring - Silver - Textured (L) -Boing Fromage
***Hair: Gritty Kitty: Penny - ash

***Pose: ANA_Mations Couples Hud

On Nana Oosaki (Ach):
***Armband: Spiked Armband
***Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure in Black
***Glove: Perturb/ation suggestive -bracelet/red
***Collar: Violet Voltaire Gank in black
***Shoes: Zero Number AM Long Black Boots
***Stockings: *Sheer* Torn Nylons Stripes Black
***Tank top 1: /artilleri/ skull tank top
***Tank top 2: **TC inShelter** hunting tank in black
***Tank top 3: Schadenfreude noir batwing tank
***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - porcelain - Natt
***Skirt: Sn@tch flufferx red plaid & net skirt
***Hair: ETD Aleah in black


Dawn said...

Omigosh! I <3 Nana!!!!!!

I have watched the live action movie a ton of times ^_^

gah and paradise kiss >_< George!

Auntykuro said...


And Neighborhood Story <3333

I love all her works.

Violet Voltaire said...

*gasp* Freaking CUTE!!!

melanieann said...

<3333333333 Nana & Hachi

Sai Pennell said...

Nana!!!!!!! You guys look soooo adorable.

*pouts* Where's Ren in these pictures?! XD

And omg - The Live Action! So much hotness in one sitting - between Ren and Takumi.... omg *faints*

Stephanie | Blogging Butterfly said...

Aww, I love Nana. Parakiss is a fav as well. ^____^ Surely you've seen the "Black Stones" outfit from Kru's Boutique? It's been one of my favorites to wear for a long time now. xD

Auntykuro said...

Awww -- thanks for commenting, you guys. hy and I really enjoyed putting this together.