Thursday, June 19, 2008

You seem to have something on your head

O hi. I've got some hair on today. See? :D

A few days ago Crystal released a group gift from Pudge to the Starlust group. I have to say that this is one of my favorite groups to belong to in SL -- not only is it incredibly active with all the designers contributing to it, but it has wit and a sense of humor as well. For example, just yesterday there was a mini-hunt for pants around the Starlust sim. In the group chat, people began to make pants jokes. Pants jokes are always a huge plus in my mind (the word alone is hilarious, especially when people take it too seriously and shorten it to 'pant'. I bet you pant, honey).

There is also a lot of cool swag, especially from the likes of Split Pea and Thimbles and Schadenfreude... Sense of humor? I'm there.

The group is aptly entitled "I <3 The Starlust" and I do; it remains worth poking around even past opening week, probably because of all the love and care that people put into the build.

By the way, I've totally blogged my outfit before at various times, but I was in the mood for something purple and lighthearted, so I figured people would forgive me this once. =)

***Hair: PUDGE: Fabulous Cotton Candy Hair (Barbie Blonde) group gift
***Skin: Skins of Delphi SOD Cookie Skin in [Twilight/Purple]
***Necklace: [CRAP] Pearl & Purple Necklace
***Earrings: ::Violet Voltaire:: Glitterati Earring - Violet
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in purple
***Socks: -corduroy- chiiico's leggings!
***Skirt: Royal Blue (RB) Poof Poof Skirt in Purple
***Shirt, undershirt, corset, armwarmers: ~silentsparrow~ how we quit the forest in violet


hyasynth tiramisu said...

yay! cotton candy hair...
i saw this on a customer the other day..and thought. Hair that makes me hungry. That's new!

Marni Grut said...

ohhh my skirt!


Auntykuro said...

hy, not only that, but double paradox just gave a big ice cream container group gift. :D

marni, yep, love it. <3