Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What do rabbits and hats have in common?

Hatpins hats

Hatpins hat, **DP**yumyum hat

I opened up my inventory this morning and realized that somehow a bevy of hats had snuck their way into my Objects folder! Have you ever seen a hat sneak, especially some of these? It's as though they go invisible before settling upon your head and blossoming forth like some kind of alien brainhugger with the intent of making your head look pretty.

In the interest of doing justice to some of the hats, here they are. Forgive me for not listing each of the hats' names -- please visit SPLIT PEA and Hatpins to browse their collections. The hat from **DP**yumyum is a camp chair free item.

My outfit is ~silentsparrow's~ new caged bird jacket, the skin is one of MiaSnow's lovely skins in grape, and the hair is -Hiccup's high school sucks.

Now for more hats!



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MiaSnow said...

wacky hats! <3 them