Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up on the shore they work all day

I'm grinning like a mad person. Not only am I going to the Georgia Aquarium today with the family, I've also got a brand-new dress from ~silentsparrow~. Buckling to all our gentle, loving peer pressure, hy decided to carefully remake all of the lace for the Beloved suite (which remains my favorite of her dresses), hand-coloring them in six different shades for our pleasure. (Wait. That sounds like a feminine sex aid ad.)

I'm taking this photo in the fish tank at Le Zoo in honor of my impending fishie day! I much prefer aquariums to zoos, actually. Fish never look bored, whereas zoo animals sit there looking at you like, "Hey -- where did my natural habitat go?" Ecological concerns aside, the pumpkin beloved is a great swimming frock. There's enough fabric in the skirt to primly guard your bum against the most inquisitive of fish. The underpants for this suite are a lovely surprise for all those upskirters! In fact, I'm going to put on my shameless drow skin and parade around in these undies for the rest of the day.

(If you'll notice, my hair is slowly darkening! This has to be a good sign.)

***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ (pumpkin) beloved suite (14 pieces indcluding two corset layers, two shirt layers, an undershirt, four prim sleeve attachments, the beautiful poofy skirt, jabot, tights, and PANTIES TO DIE FOR -- I'm serious, I might just walk around in those)
***Hair: Laqroki =RaC= Loveaffair - Copper
***Skin: minajunk skin Live01 underline
***Necklace: ::69:: pyramid Nacklace - Wine -
***Tattoo: ::Alexitimia Tattoo::Suicide Butterfly Heart 1
***Shoes: .:Periquita shoes "Bootie" Orange metallic

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