Saturday, June 28, 2008

Other people are stylish

Michelle Cusack

This morning with my child on my lap I read the Fashion World of SL and got excited about three things -- the Toxine lucky chair suit (beautifully written about by Ashia Tomsen over here) from ~silentsparrow~, the sculpty sunglasses lucky chair gift from Tesla, and the group gift sandals from ::69::.

I went to ~silentsparrow~ first and waited for a letter change, but gave up sadly after a little while. Poor avatar! I should've made one with a name starting in "Q" or "X". Then I went to Tesla and was similarly stymied by "H" and "P". While I was there, however, I ran into the lovely Michelle Cusack. "Hey, I have that hair! And that dress looks like it's from The Closet."

Michelle nodded. "Skin is a Tuli group gift, hair is from Shop Seu, lace-up sandals from Kumamoto Japan. Have you seen the hair from ::69:: yet? It's really gorgeous."

I loved Michelle's Japanese designer aesthetic and talked her into letting me photograph her look. Then I hopped immediately over to ::69::.

Himiko Lowey

I hunted through group notices and got ::69::'s group gift sandals, and then went upstairs to stare at the hair. I ran into another lovely woman, Himiko Lowey, in attendance by a kneeling slaveboy. Nice accessory, eh? Her look was entirely different, sleek and softly glowing in a shirt from Armidi and pants from SLink (the bottom on those pants are perfect!). She was trying on the new hair from ::69::, and I must say that it suits her perfectly.

That was my morning -- no photos from me, I'm nervously standing around in my outfit for today's Faces of the Darklands competition, hoping that I don't stumble over my hooves or fall off the stage. Good luck, finalists! I'm looking forward to the show.

Himiko and kneeling accessory

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Alyx Sands said...

Heh-I have a good friend called Xrtwag, and I called him to the Lucky Chair yesterday....but I still spent hours waiting for an "A". Finally, I didn't get an "A" but a wild card round and was fast enough...I love the green Toxine suit to bits! I was so excited when I saw Allegory wearing it a while back, but I would have never thought it wopuld pop up as a freebie!