Thursday, June 19, 2008

MILFs in frocks

Today's pulchritudinous guests are Ellantha Larsson and Sakuradawn Lei

"Hey Ellantha, did you see Sakuradawn Lei's awesome post about the new dresses from *katat0nik*?"

"Yeah! I have that dress in olive!"

"Oh yeah? I totally have it in orange!"

And thus the idea was born to pull the three of us together for some photos. I like to think of this as "MILFs in lolita." Why are there so many moms on Second Life? I speculate that it's because it provides the perfect little contained place for us to hang out with other humans while making sure our progeny don't slay themselves.

While we were standing around, we talked about what our kids are up to while we are playing Second Life.

"Mine found a keyboard!"

"Mine found the brownies -- ack brb -- okay, they're safe now."

Alba is thankfully with Dave while I take a wee breather. We've had an intense few weeks with her grandparents in town, and I swear that her behavior takes an enormous nosedive. Is it the constant adoring attention that does it? Hmmm.

Oh right! I love the dress! It has lovely cherry-print fabric, and a crisply-made prim skirt. Thank you for another great release, kat!

(Staring at this post, I have to wonder: why does my avatar lack cleavage compared to those two?! It's not like I can't just up the boob slider. Hm, perhaps flat-chestedness is a state of mind...)

***Outfit: *katat0nik* Very Cherry Dress - 11 Piece Set, including the hat! (Red on Sakuradawn, olive on Ellantha, orange on Ach)
***Shoes: *katat0nik* Mortido Mary Janes on Ach & Ellantha
***Pose: The one that looks like Charlie's Angels is from Long Awkward Pose


Phire Zuhra said...

You three look fabulous! Just think of all the heads that would turn your way at the PTA meeting ;)

And I suspect it was Sakura's children who got into the brownies.

Auntykuro said...

*grin* -- yep. and mine was apparently kissing boys. OY.