Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lavish lingerie

My blue girl is pretending to be a drow today in this new underpants set from Lavish Style (and bits of Bare Rose's Taurus Girl). Maybe it's her version of cosplay? It's a quiet Sunday morning and I'm getting ready for [unitarian] church, pondering that my SL avatar sure doesn't look very holy. I think it's the horns and tail, although those are meant to resemble a bull and not a devil. Ah well, in the words of Thoreau, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, right?

The scholar James Gee said that we change who we are based upon our social context, and I quite agree. I'd never trot this avatar off to church, nor would I wear that outfit to pick up my daughter from daycare. However, there are times when my mind dresses up like that because that's how it feels. Is it being untrue to an essential self to change how we represent ourselves based upon where we are? Nah; there are a lot of selves in us, and I reckon we should enjoy them all.

***Horns: Illusions grumble horns
***Hair: Kin- Amaunet-white.grey
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* BLU BEAUTY Skin 5
***Corset & underpants: ::Lavish Style:: "Lynn" 2 pc lingerie - black
***Armwarmers, tail, hooves, knee guards: from the incredibly cheap outfit with many parts that I'm not wearing -- Bare Rose B@R Taurus Lady


Siri said...

you got the Taurus!

Auntykuro said...

Well. I bought the Taurus outfit -- I was camping the minotaur mask. :3

MiaSnow said...

wonderful^^ i think you still look like a sweetie, despite the lingerie, hooves and horns :D

Auntykuro said...

Must be the prim little lips, eh? :D Love those. Also, the poses. <3 Thanks again, Mia.