Friday, June 13, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a suit

Guest-babe is Ellantha Larsson

Today sucked. A whole, whole lot. It's right up there with my husband's mommy's death in my list of "do not want." There's a good reason for it, but not one I'll go into in a public blog.

That having been said, I logged into Second Life only to encounter my homey hyasynth about to release a new outfit! This perked me up enormously, doubly so when I saw what it was.

"Damn, hy, there are gears and cogs on that."

"Yep -- and look, I made it in cocoa."


Then, I dug out my airship, dragged Ellantha over by the tails of her suit, and photographed myself in a fine steampunk outfit. Don't we look awesome? Sometimes, looking awesome can make up for all sorts of shit.

Have I mentioned yet that I took myself to see the Sex and the City movie? I thought it was well worth seeing, especially because of the following message:

Do not plan a huge wedding, for you will inevitably staple a bird to your head and get rejected by your groom.

Instructive! Also, when you are old, make sure your swimwear is (1) expensive and (b) covers up your flab -- which is an amazing life lesson that I quite take to heart. Those girls all get A+ for allowing so much of their aging flesh to show onscreen anyhow. Yes, show the world that 50 is sexy! That gives 35-year-olds like myself another good 15 years of bikinis. Okay, tankinis. Okay, one-pieces.

Other important lessons that I gained from the SATC movie were:

-- Make lots of money
-- Spend it all on clothing.

At least in Second Life I have that last point down pat!

***Hair: Philotic Energy Deshanel Black
***Skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 3
***Goggles: Freebies in Caledon by Junie Ginsburg
***Suit: silent sparrow (cocoa) toxine jacket
***Shoes: Shiny Things Ruffle Boots in brown

***Hair: * 0 Style * Ayase *(Chocolate Copper)_M
***Shoes: J's GOTH BeltBOOTS FOOT L
***Suit: silent sparrow (cocoa) toxine jacket
***Goggles: ::69:: Skull Goggle neck+++ver1.2
***Airship: The Scurvy Tower Tadapolt's Cloud Cruiser Airship
***Skin: :GP: Gala Phoenix Pearl-Monarch (IM Gala directly for demos)


Alyx Sands said...

Um, hey! Have a BIG HUG! that sounds awful.....

On a different note-I couldn't believe when I saw the group notice. MUST HAVE! In at least two colours! I love steampunk, and I sure as hell will get out MY airship for that suit, too! The funniest thing is this: I made a sprocket necklace yesterday which would look fab with the suit. Unfortunately,that was in RL...

Candy said...

Wow, I'm in love! I haven't logged in yet to see the group notices so this is my first look... Bootiful cocoa =) I love Gala's skins - I want one of each of the new ones >.>