Friday, June 20, 2008

Good style hunting

Faery Sola, Ach, Kayden Razor, Cyn Peccable at the Crimson Shadows lucky chair

Scenes from around the grid. This morning there were a few important free things to get! The first was the dress by Draconic in the Crimson Shadows lucky chair. I love lucky chairs and mob vends because you get to stare at other people's styles -- clearly only the truly fashionable have the patience for this sort of thing, so people show up in the most awesome of outfits. I love Faery's wings and Kayden's tattoos and Cyn's entire look (I'm gonna steal it from you, Cyn!), and I had to get a group photo.

Blueberrysky at the Crimson Shadows lucky chair

Blueberrysky was also at the lucky chair. I suspect her outfit is from Bare Rose [Trinity Outlander corrected me and said it's from Discord -- thanks, Trinity!], given her tag, and I adore how into this look she is. She's committed! I also believe she doesn't speak my language, because gentle prodding wasn't able to get her into the photo above. Damn me for being a monolingual United States-er! I'll be writing more about my own outfit later on today.

Ellantha Larsson at *katat0nik's* lolita hunt

Then, there was the lolita shape/eyes/skin/frock hunt at *katat0nik*. The thing was difficult for n00bish me to find because of my lack of camming ability. It's an adorable hunt set -- good luck to those who go seeking it! When I got there, I ran into Ellantha and Cristie Kamachi. I like that Cristie is the grown-up version of a Victorian lolita; it was somehow fitting.

Cristie Kamachi at *katat0nik's* lolita hunt

*** Crimson Shadows lucky chair (Posted about by Adaire DeCuir on the Free*Style site) -- ZOMG freestyle! What's up with your blog layout! Eek!
*** *katat0nik*


ellantha said...

Actually I'm wearing stuff from SN@TCH. I haven't gotten a chance to unpack my new Crimson Shadow chair goodies yet. XD

Cyn Peccable said...

Achariya, my you are the fast blogger! Thanks for the compliment :-D I was dressed to mourn the murder of a lady-of-ill-repute (or at least questionable repute) in New Babbage -- and get some mileage out of the martingale outfit I just got on sale at silentsparrow. (I find that death and shopping are nifty companions, at least in SL.)

Didn't know about the lolita hunt though -- so thanks! Another excuse to put off rl laundry and let my kids zombiefy in front of the tv!

Ann Launay said...

I believe Blueberrysky's outfit is actually from Little Heaven.

Dawn said...

omigosh I must go stalk that chair at some point when I'm not being totally lazy.......