Friday, June 20, 2008

Free little pig bag

Look at me, spamming the fashion feed today. Earlier, I posted pictures of the various people I'd seen while hopping around freebie hunting. This post is about the outfit I wore while I wandered.

I really had three points to my outfit today. First, to find something that would match Pudge's Octopus Ponytail! Second, to show off the glory of my new First Flower strappy pumps, and Third, to wear this purse. Like it? It's FREE from NONKO, at the center of the store on a table with several other free adorable bags. (This is the only one with a piggy-thing on it; the rest are the same shape but with lovely fabric.)

This purse makes me grin like mad, which is good, because my brain is in a turmoil from various academic things that have been happening. Ever feel completely inadequate? Yeah. At least I have piggy-purse, Octopus hair and strappy shoes to cheer me up!

I acquired the skin and eyes at *katat0nik's* hunt today -- I love the delicate dolly shading and the way the eyes eat up the skin. Also in the gift box is a dolly shape to add to my growing loli collection -- I'll wear that some other time.

***Shoes: First Flower ~ FF ~ Hoya Strapped Ruby Red
***Purse: NONKO kinchyaku pokopon store freebie
***Hair: PUDGE: Octopus Ponytail (Crayon Red)
***Earrings: (creamshop) Skull Rhinestone earring
***Shirt: *UnToneQuilt* Old cotton shirt camisole (sugerflower)
***Stockings: *katat0nik* very cherry stockings from the dress set
***Skin: *katat0nik* Lil' Dolly Skin from the freebie Lil' Dolly store hunt
***Skin: *katat0nik* Lil' Dolly Eyes from the freebie Lil' Dolly store hunt
***Tattoo: Pushbutton Industries *PBI* the Sprocket (ancient)
***Pants: ::Lavish:: "Alex" Jeans-Dirty


Candy Lemmon said...

You can spam the feed all you want!

I read every word of your posts, and love them to death. There are a lot of stylish ladies out there but I get a real sense of love for fashion here. You rock.

Dawn said...

I second Candy's comment.

You can post as much as you want, you know I'm always all over your posts going broke about 2 seconds later.

Your awesometastical (I'm so gonna trademark that word) style is one of the things I <3 about you!

Auntykuro said...

AWww, thanks you two. I appreciate it; mostly I'm posting about my own weird random life and don't get around to the clothes writing...but I'm happy you like my blog.