Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fangirl squee

Know what I'm doing while wearing this outfit? I'm watching a live streaming conference at the Princeton University sim, in a replica of their church auditorium. Who's talking? My idol, Henry Jenkins. He's talking LIVE and is being streamed into Second Life, and I can't believe how cool this is. (Catch a previously recorded version of his talk here.)

Why am I squeeing? Because Second Life just made geography irrelevant to me, shooting me like a transporter beam virtually to Princeton. If that isn't something squee-worthy, I'm not sure what is.

He's talking about how the web is creating learning communities of children who are teaching each other all kinds of stuff online -- like how to dance (Souljah Boy), how to create, how to speak other languages. "How can we harness this excitement and enthusiasm for the classroom?"

Dood, that's exactly what I wanna know.

It's important to look pretty when attending highly intellectual events, and I'm happy that I had this outfit on when I got the call. Ellantha introduced me to Minajunk skins (damn her, now I'm short 2k L), and the rest of my outfit is from *UnTone Quilt*. The clothing from this shop is lovely; great textures and shapes, and I feel so incredibly relaxed in this dress that it makes thinking easy.

"The whole world provides a series of inspirations to create," says Jenkins. True, true. Especially you SL designers :D. Case in point, my Shiny Things Skyliners even have small buildings on them!

***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Skyliners in Dark Gold
***Eyes: Miriel Holly (Big)
***Shirt: *UnTone Quilt* caramel milk nitmanteau (it's kind of a dress & comes with glitchpants)
***Pants: *UnTone Quilt* puchidabopan lace pants in organic cotton
***Skin: minajunk skin Live01 underline
***Hair: amerie's Naughty *aN* SpicyHoney Black
***Earrings: *UnTone Quilt* free gift drop earrings
***Bracelet: *UnTone Quilt* free bracelet (navy)
***Necklace: *UnTone Quilt* true love necklace with ladybug

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