Sunday, June 8, 2008

Carrot in a cart

Dear Gogolita,

Be careful of getting knocked up in Second Life! You don't know what lurks behind those perfectly normal boy avatar exteriors -- heck, the thing behind the avatar might not even be humanoid! (Not that I'd ever name any names for the father of this little guy!) I even hear it's possible to spawn baby unicorns.

In other news, FLUKY is soon to release a new, adorable skin that is reminiscent (in a very good way) of Bronwyn's Another Fundraiser skin. This one is called Deathly, and I absolutely love what she does with the li'l cupid bow lips. The rest of the outfit is also from FLUKY, because I couldn't resist this when I was in her shop.

*Frown* Now how do I make this baby carrot stop crying? Oh, I click it's face. Useful; yet another improvement over real life!

***Baby carrot: Vooner V Carrot Baby cart

***Hair: *f.wi shortnair vol.07 (blueash)
***Skin: **FLUKY** Deathly -- not quite released yet.
***Outfit (six pieces including skirt, corset top, garter underpants, tights, arm warmers and glitch pants): *FLUKY** Emo Doll
***Necklace: (creamshop) Skull Rhinestone Necklace
***Tattoo: *EtchD* Freebie for EtchD fans
***Boots: J's (in Tsukushima) GOTH BeltBOOTS


Dawn said...

:O That carrot baby is creepy!!!!

*makes note to never have sl baby XD

<_< however I may or may not have been a momma to one of those unicorn babies before I deleted it in a massive inventory clean and to hide my shame....... I blame Noam!! and peer pressure!!!!! >_>

Alyx Sands said...

My alt is the mother to a baby spider. I bet that's worse. She isn't even a drow....

Lawless McBride said...

ach, id like to offer you my services to help find the father of this soon as i finish helping OJ find the real killer(s)....

Dove Swanson said...

That baby carrot has a strangely familiar smirk. :o

Auntykuro said...

Sakura -- Hee, I want to see one of those unicorn babies. Gotta find someone who still has one.

Alyx -- oh my. Interesting.

Lawless -- my boy avatar says next time YOU'RE the wife. >D

Dove -- I'm sorrrryyyyy. He said, "if we're both boys nothing will happen" and I said, "but what about mpreg?"

...just kidding