Monday, May 5, 2008

Viva La Revolucion!

I'm back, did you miss me? O boy did I miss yooooou (and the internet. Mmm, the internet). My daughter shone as a little flower girl -- she's a ham like the rest of my husband's family, and waltzed her way down the aisle like she was born for the limelight. So unlike myself, such a shy violet. *grin*

It's my birthday today (5/5), and my rez-day in a few more (5/8). This whole passage-of-time thing is a good excuse to reflect upon my past year. I've had the worst and best of times this year... I'm in graduate school and a mom, and it felt as though whenever I'd get a tiny bit ahead in my studies, my poor child would fall sick. This has resulted in some horrible work!

On the upside, Second Life has been an amazing haven for me this year. Like all moms (and I've met so many on SL), I've got a huge desire to have a room of my own, and SL is the perfect place for it.

MMORPGs allow the mind such potential for growth! The only downside is that they stick your arse in a chair for hours, and your meat body tends to lose any and all muscle tone. So this past year has seen me lose fitness (gotta start dancing again) and gain something important, this blog (my dream occupation, fashion journalism). I think SL is good for this -- you can live out your dream life in SL in a low-impact way. I don't have to invest millions in fine couture in order to wear it and write about it. Nor does my pal Helio have to buy expensive DJ equipment in order to get a room full of people to dance. The end result is that we have a magical place to retreat while we struggle through the rest of our life.

Sometimes it isn't good to escape, right? But sometimes, I think it helps you sort out your real life when you discover what you want to do in your fake life.

In honor of Kodomo no Hi (boy's day in Japan, heh) I'm wearing a kimono by Cherry Tokyo, hair by Aoharu, and an another skin Geisha mod (do forgive me for being slack about the slurls). Today is also notable for being Cinco de Mayo, and the birthday of Karl Marx. Go raise a glass for Karl and me!

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