Friday, May 30, 2008

Something borrowed, something blue

What to wear to Summer weddings in SL? Something blue and floral. Okay, I'm blue and my dress is floral, which is close enough...

I love the construction of Sidean's SLink dress. The top is a prim, which means that our virtual boobs have nice strong support against the gravity slide-bar. The booties and armwarmers have been blogged on the fashion feed before -- props to those that own these, they're the fluffiest, girliest accessories ever.

Despite being so pretty and blue I'm in a rotten mood this morning -- I'm trapped at a cafe listening to three middle-aged women gossip self-righteously about God. I'm not kidding, they call themselves Christians, and take their religion as a mandate to tear into anyone who isn't, including moms who decide to work instead of staying at home with their children. Clearly not what God wants.

Don't get me wrong -- I love religion, and respect Christianity deeply (as a Unitarian, I give Christianity props for trying to make people behave well for millennia). You're giving your religion a bad name, women! Didn't Jesus say to be tolerant and hang out with the whores and robbers?

My husband recommended that I pretend to call someone about Wiccan Lesbian nuptials just to remind these women that the world is larger than their church...Anyway, my revenge is to write about them in this blog, of course.

***Dress: SLink Floral Sundress
***Hat: Ingenue Millinery ~ Hint of Spring
***Hair: **DP***yumyum Sesame 4 in black
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* BLU BEAUTY Skin 4
***Tights: Sh*t Happens cream fishnets
***Armwarmers: *UnTone Quilt*handwarmer pink
***Shoes: =*UnTone Quilt*=patchwork bootee


MiaSnow said...

i'm just floored. this dress with the blu skin is just too much for my little eyes to take *happy cries*

Auntykuro said...

*grin* the dress is so prim, and the blue skin is so rockin'. i can't take the blue off!

Alyx Sands said...

Okay, you got me now-I *need* that blue skin.....
But I'm certain that prim top won't fit my avi....

You knwo what I like about your blog? You always manage to put some RL stuff into your post and thus coem across as a woman not only enjoying SL and reviewing stuff, but also firmly grounded in RL. Thank you for that.

Auntykuro said...

Aha, Alyx, the joy of this dress is that it has THREE SIZES of bust! Including a large one -- and a whole dress just for the system top.

If 'ranting about RL' is what you mean, then I'm glad you enjoy it :D