Friday, May 16, 2008

Road daymare

I spent 9 hours on my arse driving from Orlando back home. In hour eight, the conversation went something like this.

Husband: Hey look, roadkill armadillo. Those make good eatin'.

Me: -- What did you just say?

Husband: Pre-tenderized. Plus, you can steam them right in the shell.

Me: -- I think you just told me that roadkill armadillo is tasty.

My husband is a Georgia boy, see, but I hope it was just road-weariness.

My cat missed me. I'm supposed to be writing about how this is day two of my /artilleri/ skin blitz, and about how I'm wearing a gorgeous new riding suit from ~silentsparrow~, but it's bloody difficult with an attention-starved cat chewing off one's wrist.

Now that I've pried her off, my screen is totally covered in cat hair. *cough* anyway.

One of my first, best memories of Second Life is when hyasynth was kind enough to take a total n00b out to AKK and point me toward a horse. Then we rode around together, listening to the clomping hooves, rearing, playing. It was a lovely SL moment, just like that moment when you go -- Wait, you mean I can fly and I don't have to be a druid?.

Finally, I have another addition to my riding wardrobe, complete with a tophat, Calico hair and a Schadenfreude switch. -- So uh, do you prefer the term "switch"? or is it "crop"? Or are the two items completely different?

***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ (cloud) daymare suit. Comes with 13 pieces, including a modesty belleh-button hiding shirt, longer pants, two versions of tails, gloves, a hat, and a riding crop by Schadenfreude. Eight colors, four dark, four light!
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations hair to match the daymare/nightmare suits. Epona (this one is in dark brown). The little flowers come with the hair. <3
***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - Dark Tan - Freckles - Eden
***Shoes: -TESLA- Athena Open-Toe Stiletto Boots
***Horse: AKK 07 wr Piebald
***Necklace and earrings: -EARTHTONES- Seahorse Frolic jewelry set

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