Monday, May 12, 2008

Pointy shirt

Allegory laughed when she told me about this shirt. "All that bare flesh will send your avatar into conniptions."

She was right, it's more revealing than the usual stuff I put on my avatar. Then, I noticed the cut of such a neat shirt, and I absolutely had to cosplay up. I'm clearly Frankenstein's Bride, all decked out for my first date. These shirts come in three-packs, and you can see all the colors here.

Glad I dressed last night, I tell yah. SL sure was a b@#$@ this morning. For a little while I wondered how I'd pose, given that my Huddles wouldn't attach. Then I thought I'd teleport to a free pose garden, and couldn't. Then I figured, sure, I'll sit on the happy stump, but it wouldn't rez from inventory...

Anyway. Somehow we all muddle through in this weird fake world. The glitches remind us that people are constantly fiddling with the Matrix, right? Sigh. (Just glad I'm not a clothing designer trying to upload textures today.)

***Hair: Elaborate Mercury Hair with Bird [From a shop long ago and far away]
***Skin: Boneflower Designs :: Whispers of Night :: Deathly F [Ebon Dusk Stalker]
***Tattoo: Garden of Ku My secret lotus
***Shirt: Schadenfreude batwing tank in noir
***Gloves: Magika Electrical Tape Gloves
***Skirt: caLLie cLine from the ugly duckling set

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