Friday, May 9, 2008

Old hag in a bag

I'm working through my prospectus. That means that I wandered all over the grid tonight, poking here and there in search of an answer or two. Oddly enough, I didn't find any of the answers, but I did find a treasure hunt (at Discord), free hair (Discord group gift), and cute shoes.

Siri Woodget was kind enough to give me the outfit. I kind of love the minimalism of it! I call this look "SL avatars suck because they can look cute in paper bags, whereas if I tried this IRL I'd get my ass laughed off." :D

Tomorrow, the Ach family is off on another long road trip to visit my mother! It'll be nice to be in hot climes, nicer to have an in-house babysitter, and even nicer than that to have my computer with me. (Yes. Addicted.)

***Hair: Discord Group Gift Prim Hair TSUBAKI
***Paper bag: Issues with [TACT] Paper Bag
***Shoeses: /Fuel/ * Liquorice * Bambee wedge
***Skin: Hybrid - Archetype Arcane Hermes Skin & Eyes
***Necklace: Lazy Places [LP] Love Ach Collar

1 comment:

Siri said...

Haha! Of course I knew you could work the paper bag!
Safe travels,