Friday, May 9, 2008


(Before I begin -- props to Savoir Hair for Furry Fridays! Yay!)

I'm feeling a little manic today, if you couldn't tell. I have an enormous deadline, like, right now, and I've got to hit the books hard. Not only that, but the whole family is taking an eight-hour car trip tomorrow to visit my mother for a week, and the house needs to be cleaned...

Which is probably why I'm wearing this cinder-neko-goat getup. I think I'm trying to convey my sense of frenetic pressure as I don my patchwork coat and pick up the broom. The coat is something that I got while visiting the Plush Mall the other day, from The Kitty Box. I like how biblical it is. Very Jacob and the Coat of Many Colors! Okay, it might be a little more Laura Ingalls Wilder, eh?

Speaking of brooms, I do love the free things from **DP**yumyum's apple hunt. There are apples all over the Isle of Tranquility, and they contain neat stuff (including a dress that people blogged last week from amerie's Naughty). I especially like the laundry set on the line, and completely forgot to put out the soap bubbly washing bucket for these photos.

Why the horns? Funny thing, that. I was going to wear a complete avatar kit from Hybrid, but then I noticed that Miss Pennell has had on her fey ears and skin lately. I didn't wanna snitch her style. It's kind of like rarely wearing glasses so as not to be a total knockoff of the lovely Miss Book. I guess us writer types have our individualistic pride, right? I used the horns anyway, because I adore Hybrid's stuff. (There's probably a pun involving horns and cats in here somewhere, but I'm going to ignore it. :D )

***Broom: **DP**yumyum broom - free in the apple hunt
***Horns: Archetype By Hybrid -- Horns (Slvan Nymph)
***Neko ears: !KK! Kalico Kreations Sculptie Ears Stripey Tiger NS
***Skin: Fancy Fairy Marilyn Pink skin in Porcelain, another skin mod
***Collar: Violet Voltaire Gank collar in violet
***Jacket: ^.^The Kitty Box^.^ Patchy Sammy jacket
***Skirt: Kyoot Army from the Mourning Minnu dress
***Nails: Shop Seu blue nails
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Boots: Katat0nik margin walkers v. 2

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