Thursday, May 22, 2008

Necks in black satin

I went to PERTURB/ation in search of a belt, and emerged with three necklaces, a hand-cuff, and a free earring. I also found a belt, but I got so enamored of these necklaces that I decided to show them off. They're three variations on a theme, and the pendant (kind of a filigreed fleur-de-lis cross thingie) looks so elegant and dangerous that I want to staple it to my neck. The one that doesn't match is from Loulou&co, found at Manna. Darn that Sakuralei for sending me the LM to that store. Instant expenditure!

Also, **DP**yumyum is making hair! Teagan, I'll let you review the other adorable style in the shop, but the little bobble-buns on this one are totally the kind of 'do that Empress Amidala would wear for a dressed-down make out session with Anakin.

I'm still wearing Veschi, this time in pants form. Darn that woman for her nice quality stuff! The shape is the new one Aemilia modded for me to suit Chai skins. I think it looks very fulsome, and I don't mean the prison. In fact, I made my whole form a little more cushy just to suit the lips.

[P/a] PERTURB/ation 0-AFFORDANCE - Women's- (this one looks like a filigreed cross hanging from a thin leather choker)
[P/a] PERTURB/ation 0-AFFORDANCE -chain choker- (lace choker with depending cross)
[P/a] PERTURB/ation 0-AFFORDANCE -LeatherChoker- (filligreed cross set onto a choker)
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. Necklace Ethnik

***Hair: **DP**yumyum Sesame black
***Skin: LF CHAI Skin - Sugar - cassandra freckle
***Lipring: Gogo's Juicy Lip Ring Diamond Encrusted (Black)
***Earring: [P/a] PERTURB/ation Ring Ring *Midnight [BLACK&RED] -- this is a left-ear cuff and earring that is a store freebie. <3 so awesome
***Hand thingie: [P/a] PERTURB/ation SUGGESTIVE -Bracelet- [BLACK/L-hand] *Midnight
***Corset: Winter Moon *WM* Tube Top Skulls
***Pants: -Veschi- Jeanius Pants Black
***Belt: **DP**yumyum Romantic belt
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Laudanum in oxblood


Dawn said...

I see a long, loving, getting each other to go broke, relationship in our future!!


Anonymous said...

oh, you look so darling - I so wanna be you today! ;)

Auntykuro said...

Sakuradawn -- damn you ! <3

amethyst -- awww, well, if you want, my shape is totally mod/trans :D

Nissa Nightfire said...

Ach -- you look adorable in this! (and I wouldn't mind getting a copy of your shape -- I've been unsuccessful at working with the chai skins :()

Auntykuro said...

Thanks, Nissa! Shape sent! =)

(Props go to Aemilia Case for the mod.)

Unknown said...

You look absolutely adorable in that skin

Auntykuro said...

Thank you, Ana! It's a good fit of skin and shape I think.