Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An iota of Dakota

"Are you serious about taking pictures with me again?" Asked Dakota.

"Of course!" I replied, because it's always a pleasure to photo next to someone so handsome, femme or homme. Last time we photographed together, Dakota played the nubile young elf to my lecherous roue. This time, I'm the seasoned icy blond and Dakota's America's next honey-haired sweetheart.

We'll be taking Hollywood by storm, just you wait!

I chose Ingenue for our clothing because it seems to suit Dakota. Dakota has a unique shape, and therefore tends to favor sleek and classic lines. Today I saw girl Dakota in a scruffy little hoodie outfit and tousled hair, but within seconds she was transformed into something elegant and saucy.

I let Dakota accessorize us. It's amazing how two people can create outfits that are very nearly alike, and yet look very different at the same time...

Another fine play-time with Dakota. We'll do it again, okay? Don't fret =).

On us both:
***Frock: Ingenue Lady Stardust in red (ach) and black (dakota)
***Hat: Mercury morning hats (when o when will Mercury be back around? It's been 'coming soon' for ages)
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Black Leather Ankle Boots

On Dakota:
***Hair: Armidi The Glamorous III
***Choker: Cameo Choker (Dark/Gold)
***Skin: La Sylphide Liliana (Almond/Crimson)
***Eyes: Glanz OceanBlue
***Shape: Dakota's Shapes Lily shape

On Ach:
***Skin: La Sylphide - Liliana - Almond
***Hair: Curl up and dye - Marilyn - ASHBLONDE
***Choker: Balderdash- Entanglement-Choker
***Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - violet plant (big)
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