Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hats frivolous and practical

::SPLIT PEA:: The Fanciest Party You Never Attended

There I was standing around in dark glasses when suddenly two hats happened to me. They fell from the sky! Okay, they fell from Melatonin Hax. I'd wandered into Split Pea, Melatonin's haberdashery, the other day at the Starlust. The shop is full of adorable little bucket hats, the sort that you see on cute Japanese tourists. These latest hats, feathery and whimsical, are more suited to a 1930s talkie star. Their names are also evocative. Hats with names such as these are ripe for avatar fiction!

::SPLIT PEA:: The 50 FT Queenie Hat, and ETD Oversized Square Sunglasses - Lucky Green

Ashley straw summer Elegance Hat

Then, because I'd gotten these two Elegance Hats to wear with yesterday's outfit, I decided to put them on as well. Jude Elegance Hat (below) with this skin and outfit makes me feel a bit like a zombie version of Vivian Leigh. But Rhett! Where shall I go, what shall I do?! Ashley (above), on the other hand, is a nice practical hat for the sun. Us pale avatars need that kind of coverage!

Jude Elegance Hat red chenille

Other outfit details:
***Hair: Old Gravy DarkChyld Black
***Earrings and bracelet: {Violet Voltaire} Lollipop Guild in Rainbow
***Top and sleeve thingies: Royal Blue from the anti reactionary dress
***Tattoo: Canimal Suicide Girls
***Skirt: BLAND Stripey Greed Skirt
***Shoes: - TESLA - Vixen_II Classic *Green*
***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - Porcelain - Natt


hyasynth tiramisu said...

bats at your hat all cat like.... (which has been the demise of most of my RL hat....feathers/velvet/net = really pretty vintage cat toy) Alteast they have taste.

Marni Grut said...

Whey! old school royal blue!

i rele like that skirt over paired it with!

Auntykuro said...

hy -- *grin* yes, cats and children...

marni -- mhm, love that outfit o' yours, the skirt especially. :3