Thursday, May 29, 2008

A happy blue

Photo of Elate! new release dress dance happening by Nivaya Barbosa

There I was all ready to write about something completely different when I got a notice from the SL Free*Style group. Free cute little hat! said the notice, and I finished photographing for this post and hopped right over, because I'm a complete hat...maven. What should I encounter but a bunch of women shaking their tail-feathers in the cutest flapper dresses this side of Calvin Coolidge's White House? One of those women is a pal of mine, Nivaya Barbosa, and she introduced me to Kellie Iwish, the designer for Elate. The dress looks adorable on all sorts of shapes, and moves perfectly.

Soon I too was dancing. I love the excitement that designers feel when they release something they've poured over, and hand it over to people to enjoy. There's a thrill, I'd imagine, in seeing your creativity adorn other people, and that rush must be what designers live for.

Here I am in Elate's Felicity dress in white and her freebie tophat

Anyway. Here is my original post, about two vivid things: MiaSnow's new skin, BLU BEAUTY, and Juicy's new slingback pumps. Gorgeous said, "Are you sure these are your kind of thing? They're a little bright." They totally are -- I simply had to wait for something just as vivid to wear with them. When Ashia Tomsen posted about Rapis, I went -- yatta! Affordable and adorable! And look, a cute bag too, only 20L!

The skin is as perfectly shaded as the rest of MiaSnow's skins, which means that it's a Srs blue skin, not "I think I'll slap blue on this PDF." ...So I think I'll be blue for a while...

***Shoes: Juicy Slingback Pumps in Orange
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* BLU BEAUTY Skin 6
***Hair/hat: Gritty Kitty Thursday in Black
***Dress: **Rapis**orange
***Basket: **Rapis**NeNeKo basket with little teddy, only 20L
***Jeans: Hybrid skinny jeans in dirty
***Bracelet: Freebie from Kumamoto KJ-bracelet
***Henna gloves: Draconic made these, and I'm not sure she still has them for sale, sadly


MiaSnow said...

great post! that flapper dress is so cute and i love the way you look when you're blue :)

Auntykuro said...

Such a cute skin, Mia! I adore it!

Sai Pennell said...

OMG, I love, love, love, love, love those little dresses! I bought one in every color. I wore them for about a week straight after I got them - just changing out the colors XD

And, wow, that skins looks cute~ *makes mental note to go check it out* :D

Auntykuro said...

yay sai! i wanna see a picture of you in those!!

Dawn said...

omigosh the blue skin! how I <3 it so. The shading on that skin is beautiful! I was running amok last night in mine ^-^ *calls for a blue girl photo session!!!*

Auntykuro said...

ooh, great idea! how about blue + swimwear, sakura??