Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Desert rose

Second Life is rife with roleplaying communities like this one, the 1800s western RPG known as Tombstone. Isn't it lovely here? I'm not part of this game, but whenever I wander the sim I think back to my own tabletop roleplaying obsession, Deadlands.

Yep, I'm a tabletop gamer, or was, before graduate school and SL put a crimp in my social life. I especially loved the pre-D20 Deadlands with all it's weird mechanics. Whenever I hear Springsteen's version of Jesse James, I want to hop immediately into a game, slayin' zombies with my steam-powered stake-shooter.

Jesse James was a man who killed many a man
He robbed the Glendale train...

My first character in Deadlands was a big, quiet Native American nicknamed "Pronto." My husband played his short, wily kimosabe, Bill Lee. We played a closeted gay couple, and completely wierded out the rest of the poor gamers (they were such nice normal geeks before we came to the table). (And yes, my husband's a lovely guy to deal with my predilictions.)

Doc Eldritch's clothing is, hrm. Star Wars gothic -- o hey, maybe this genre is rightly called Firefly-esque. It's the ripped-up epic leather that would be in place in Van Helsing's cinematic past or Star Wars' apocalyptic future.

I bet you 10L that my leather vest is made out of skinned Ewoks.

***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Reba in frosted midnight (comes with the lovely hat!)
***Skin: MiaSnow *MIA* DAHLIA - the tearful
***Necklace: -EARTHTONES- Escape Necklace, Black/Gold (F)
***Outfit: DoC Eldritch Desigs DE Catrina (7 pieces with three shirt options)
***Belt: **DP** yumyum ::belt::D-brown
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Laudanum in oxblood


Alyx Sands said...

Hm, Deadlands, cool-pre D20? You sound like my kind of person, I never understood the rush to adapt all kinds of really individual games to that WotC invention...

Skinned ewoks? sounds like a must-have, too!

Lawless McBride said...

played Boot Hill, John Tunstall was killed in an unnamed Arizona town by an escaped mental patient, R.I.P....erm, i mean you played those games???...points at the nerd.