Monday, May 26, 2008

Dark and lavish

Lavish Style calls to my inner drow in a voice that cannot be ignored. "Put on this outfit and you'll be strong, like Xena the Warrior Princess. The bare bits are completely covered by an invisible forcefield so that sword-wielding foes will have their blades deflected by what looks like bare skin! In this, you could even withstand the evil of the Doomed Ship!"

I purchased it, how could I not? I put on the tattered leathers and marveled at their construction, including the invisible Xena armor (I'm joking about this, in case you weren't sure), and then sallied forth to find adventure.

Doomed Ship reminds me of a perverted version of the Alien movies, complete with lost catgirls. Anyone who might've lost a catgirl, be aware that she might be trapped somewhere in this build. It's another of those twisted roleplaying sims, but unlike Hard Alley you won't encounter a lot of brand new xcite parts.

My drow had a good time, although she had to snarl once or twice to scare away the stray catgirls.

***Outfit: Lavish Style "Alaliyah"
***Horns: Hybrid Archetype -- Horns (Arcane Forbidden)
***Hair: Kin-Sera-White
***Skin: Blue Blood Skins -- Drow Skin red eyeshadow
***Necklace: *~*illusions Gothica Necklace: Antiqued/Tiger's Eye
***Nose ring: Ephemeral Captive-Bead Nose Ring (3 bead, steel/jet, r)
***Tattoo: *EtchD* Sin's Henna tintable tattoo
***Boots: First Flower ~FF~ Witch-hazel ~ Black

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