Friday, May 23, 2008

Bright young women, sick of swimming

My daughter is enthralled by the movie Little Mermaid. Near as I can figure it, the lesson that you can gain from the movie isn't too horrible (unlike Sleeping Beauty, where someone has to kiss you before you can 'wake up' to your real life). Lesson: "Men like more than just pretty faces -- they like pretty voices too." Unlike the Hans Christian Andersen version, the mermaid doesn't feel as though she's stepping on knives every time she walks with human feet. This is probably a positive addition to the story! Also, the mermaid doesn't die at the end of the tale...

I feel a sense of kinship with Ursula the sea witch. She's an older woman trying to make her way in the world, and just because she's not model-esque or youthful people position her as evil. She's got a self-interested side, but so does Ariel's father. If you think about the position of older women in fairy tales, they are inevitably the witches, scheming and evil... Also, they're powerful.

I think we're all a mix of Ariel and Ursula, matron and maid and crone. Here, I've got on my dolly shape, wearing a new Katat0nik lolita dress -- channeling my inner maid. Perhaps I'll work on that crone shape and skin next!

***Ears: !KK! Kalico Kreations Sculptie Ears Black-Death Tan NS
***Hair: Darkstar Designs ::ZoeyV2-Black
***Skin and shape: ~All Dolled uP~ Free Doll Avatar Kit
***Frock ensemble: *katat0nik* (teal) Sweetheart Dress -- comes with 13 pieces including ruffle panties, prim sleeves, mary janes, skirt, system skirt, top, fishnet stockings, plain stockings, and fishnet gloves.
***Dolly Key: Violet Voltaire My Violent Heart Doll Key - Black

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