Friday, May 30, 2008

Bathing bluety

Rosemary Galbraith is generosity itself. She's given a free lime-colored swimsuit to her update group, complete with a hat. Here, I am not wearing it, because lime doesn't really go with my current complexion. I'm wearing the same suit in black with it's matching hat, and I quite love it. Rosemary's clothing is fabulous for it's fabric texture, and she puts things together quite carefully.

"I restrained myself with this suit," Rosemary said gleefully. "I was so going to do some bum-shading."

She didn't, but honestly, look at that (Creamy's word) buttage. *cough*

MiaSnow's skin answers my "what does a goth wear to the beach?" question quite well: you don't have to worry about skin pigment if you're blue.

***Hat and bathing suit: ROSEMAR Pinup Swimsuit - Black (four layers of it, plus a black hat sculpted by Alla Ruff)
***Hair: * 0 Style *chocolat*(Black)_M
***Necklace: Something Different - Jade Bead Choker
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* BLU BEAUTY Skin 1
***Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes *IM* Sophisticated Jet Black -- store freebie!
***Tattoo: *EtchD* Sin's Henna tintable tattoo

1 comment:

MiaSnow said...

beautiful! that suit is sooooo cute and stylish. blu is the new black for goths i predict!