Thursday, May 15, 2008

artilleri skins! the closet tattoos!

Today was a completely exciting day for me. Not only did Bambi (of The Closet) release tattoos and a saucy little hat, but Antonia released her new /artilleri/ skins! They're called the Emi skins, and I love them so much I'm not going to bother reviewing each individual skin.

I simply declare this week /artilleri/ skin week, and will wear a different Emi skin with each post. Today I'm in "Emi skin - Porcelain - Freckles - Anett." I chose the makeup because it suits my outfit, and Porcelain is my favorite of Antonia's skin colors, probably because it matches my RL skin. (Not this week, however. This week I'm freckled and burnt!)

Speaking of skin, I visited my 97 year old grandmother at her nursing home today. I stared at her, slumped but vibrant in her wheelchair, and thought: it's a damned shame that Grandma Renee can't play SL. She'd be so much fun to play with, body out of the way. She isn't of this generation, however. She can't comprehend the technology that I use, and I know in my bones that my daughter's technology will outstrip me.

We rarely see age in SL, and when we do it's a party joke. I posted a photo of my grandma to my flickr stream (in which RL and SL have begun to mix) and smiled a little at the contrast -- in a photostream full of glowingly perfect SL faces, there sat my grandma, smiling and aged. If we're lucky we'll live that long and be that lucid in our old age. However... can any of us look forward to a return to helplessness? I leave you with that depressing thought and return to a contemplation of my new, glorious skin!

***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - Porcelain - Freckles - Anett
***Feather thingie: **TCinSHELTER** FeatherHeadpiece
***Tattoos: **TCinSHELTER** GoldfishTattoo (pants, shirt and socks layers, although it also comes on underpants and undershirt layers)
***Hair: /artilleri/ myst in red
***Earrings: ***Blanc*** Heart earrings
***Corset and panties: ~silentsparrow~ from the bloody mary set
***Shoes: TESLA - Natasha *Shiny Red*
***Fan: four YIPs wiggle chair dance feather fan [FREE!]


Candy Lemmon said...

Those tattoos look gorgeous on you!

Genevieve Lutetia said...

TY so much for a closer look at these skins - I'm stuck at work and can't wait to get my pixelated little mitts on these!

Auntykuro said...

candy - overjoyed that bambi is designing tattoos now!! she's got such a great sensibility.

genevieve -- sure :D aren't they awesome? :D

Dove Swanson said...

Ach, I'm so glad yer wearing those skins all week - omg they look stunning on you!

<3's to yer gramma!

Auntykuro said...

Dove -- thanks, my granny rocks.

Yeah, I love those skins. I suspicion my lips are smaller than anyone else's in SL, and this skin actually suits them! Hehe.