Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Am I getting a big head?

::SPLIT PEA:: Mean Reds - Golightly Hat

Tonight, Alla Ruff (of Vecchi) had a fashion show for her commission for Rezzables named Poison Candy. This line is sold at various Rezzables locations, and is the epitome of rockabilly cool. Alla does great things with sculpties, and from what I hear, the SL line is based upon a RL line too (she says: The designs are made in RL by Rebecca Edwards). I enjoyed the whole show! The models were lovely, the venue was lush, and the clothing was stuff I'd put on IRL.

...Then someone discovered that I had a weakness for hats. While trying on another SPLIT PEA hat, Pipsqueak excitedly IMed me and said, you absolutely have to write about Hatpins! Of course I went and sought the store in question (it had such a promising name).

I was not disappointed. Hatpins is a lovely haberdashery, full of hats so ornate that Lily Langtree wouldn't have been displeased. Is anyone else a huge Edwardian-era buff? I find their clothing shapes far lovelier than the simple bell-shapes of the mid-Victorian era...

Hatpins Lady Persephone - Icy Blue;
Flower: LBB Little Boy Blue single iris for right hand (Happy rezday, Tomo!)

***Shirt: Poison Candy **PC** Rockin Skulls Top black/red
***Shirt: Poison Candy **PC** Rockin Skulls Skirt black/red
***Shoes: ::69:: (main store link) Nightmare - White
***Necklace: /Fuel/ Crystal Bot
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Reba in Midnight
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Le Fleur
***Shape: Dakota's Shapes Lily (for the face, the body is my normal Ach "haragyaru" mod)


tomoyukibatra said...

*grins and nibbles on Ach* Thanks hon ^^

Blueberry Mayo said...

Correction: Not my new line but a commissioned job for Poison Candy via Rezzables. The designs are made in RL by Rebecca Edwards


olivia connaught said...

the clothing was stuff I'd put on IRL.

i opened the invite and said the same thing :D too bad i logged on late last night and missed the poison candy show and most of the snatch show. grr at being sleepy!

note to self: need more hats

Auntykuro said...

Tomo -- no problem. :3

Alla -- corrected, thanks for the url!

Olivia -- never anything wrong with more hats! :D

Nivaya Barbosa said...

Yeah, we /were/ lovely, weren't we? ;D <3

Lokum Shilova said...

Sorry Olivia that you missed the show It was just amazing. Great big thks to Alla Ruff for creating all these gorgeous clothes in SL , to Rebecca for her excellent designs in RL and to Emee Flanagan for putting a great show

Auntykuro said...

Yeah, it was a great show, and Niv was hawt!

Dove Swanson said...

It was a nice show and the clothing is awesome! I'm excited and hope it starts a trend ..more RL designers coming to SL! woot!