Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wings for oldbies

I had a conversation with Giuseppe the other day about wings. Giuseppe is radically unlike myself in the way he plays Second Life. He's been around for a few years, lives in the Wastelands, and spends most of his time building interesting things like Second Life card games and big broken-down gameshow arenas. For his card game, he found a picture of n00b Ach in wings. "Wings are a newbie thing, aren't they?" He chuckled.

Actually, yes and no. The amazing shininess of Second Life hits people as they enter and they immediately play with the fantastical elements of it -- like flight, and wings, and super-enormous mechas (*cough* yes I own a huge mecha av, don't you?). Wings were my first really awesome freebies, and I wore them around everywhere.

Then, hyasynth told me to get my arse to Material Squirrel for some real wings, and I donned them with pride. (Although you would've laughed at my expression the first time someone else touched them at a Caledon ball -- why the heck are you playing with my wings?! I had no idea that someone else could feel them up!)

Wings came with this lyrical dress from Fancy Fairy. They're beautiful and accentuate the autumn leaf color and design of the frock. Wings might excite newbies because of their fantastical shininess, but they still excite me after (nearly) a year. Who doesn't dream of being Titania, dancing in the wild woods?

I just noticed the Fancy Fairy post that mentions that today is Wing Fling! I totally planned this. Really.

***Horns: Illusions *~* Ram's Horns: Long/Natural
***Hair: Kin-Neko2-[black]
***Skin: Fancy Fairy Morgaine Skin Light plum w moon - Another Skin mod
***Dress and wings: Fancy Fairy Autumn Lady of the Wood gown
***Necklace: Swallowtail jupiter necklace black
***Bracelet: (Caroline's) Spiked Bracelets
***Shoes: I'm totally wearing an incredible pair of shoes under this but since they're hidden I'll KEEP THEM SEKRIT!


Anonymous said...

Nice horns. ;-)

Horns, wings, youth, enormous biceps and/or breasts--funny how some get tagged as "newbie" things and others just go uncommented-upon, even though I think horns and/or wings are in much better taste than disproportional body parts.

hyasynth tiramisu said...

For me it's a matter of the longer I'm in SL the more I feel the need to be less myself in appearance. I figure by my fourth year i'll be a glowing sea sponge with tiny fairy wings.

Auntykuro said...

Interesting observations, you two. :D I wanna see you design clothing for sea sponges next, hy! And true, body mods like horns and wings seem years more tasteful than pr0nst4r b00bs.

Diamanda Gustafson said...

Giu will pick up on anything anyway ;)