Thursday, April 24, 2008

Up early with allergies

Sakuradawn Lei of Lazy Places in a group gift from AVZ, outfit by Paradisis, and boots from TheAbyss.

I went wandering Koenji again yesterday. It's one of my favorite places for shopping because it feels like a real Japanese shopping district. While I was there, two things happened. First, Fally released her new lovely sandal, and second, I ran into a new pal.

The (Shiny Things) Supernova sandals are aptly named, pattered with a sun exploding across the top of one's foot. I had to put on my favorite color, the orange-red Sunset, and felt it went perfectly with Lavish Style's Rimma outfit.

All outfit details aside, the second I saw Sakuradawn Lei, my mouth fell open. She was trotting the streets of Koenji looking like a futuristic BDSM toy. I love the creativity of her ensemble, and was mesmerized by that hair! It floated around her as if alive, and put me in mind of the images of Geiger or hentai manga. Amazing to be able to bring such an extreme vision to life... What's even more amazing is meeting a new acquaintance at random on the streets of a distant sim. What're the chances of that? Sakuradawn creates accessories for furries, and I'll be wearing many of her boots in upcoming furry posts.

I've managed to make it through a blog post without talking about existential matters OR snot. Proud of me? :D

***Hair: Kin Neko2-black
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA Skin - the sultry
***Necklace: =^.^= Lazy Places =^.^= [LP] Fishbones Collar - Black
***Tattoo: EtchD group halloween gift
***Jacket and pants (shirt not shown): Lavish Style ::Lavish:: "Rimma" outfit-red
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Supernova in sunset

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