Friday, April 4, 2008

Paper Cut-ups

Ach and Lawless McBride being all manly

"You know what would be totally cool?" I said to Lawless McBride. "What would be cool is if we both dressed up in Paper Couture."

"Sure," Lawless said, because he's relaxed like that. You could probably stick the fellow in an enormous ball of yarn and he'd simply accessorize.

So we went and shopped at Paper Couture. My boy avatar felt a bit like Louis XIV today, so I went for powdered blue and ornate. Lawless, being the manly guy that he is, somehow turned the gypsy frock into something that resembles a Japanese Samurai hakama. Damn, Lawless. Where's your sword?

Don't answer that.

Anyway, here we are, joining the Paper Couture sheep, because men can totally wear couture too. See? (I totally lost our other outfit details. Argh. Oh well. What's important are the dresses!)

On my man Lawless:
***Hair: Armidi Hair - The Individual - Midnight I
***Necklace: M.R.M. Surf - Mixed Wood Metal Necklace
***Shoes: Redgrave - Boots Black Leather (sculpties)
***Pierces: Primitive Design - Insurrection Piercing Set
***Paper Couture - Silk Gypsy
***Bracelet watch: RICXs Fine Jewelry - Mens Spiked Bracelet Watch A102GT

Does this frock make my hips look big?


Dove Swanson said...

rofl. You two! Lord, I leave ya alone for a minute...:D

Lawless McBride said...

yeah, im sort of like tom cruise in the last samurai, but not bat shite crazy...what color yarn?

Auntykuro said...

dove, *grin* i think we look good! spanning the range of paper couture, ya know? effete vs. studly.

lawless -- let's go for calico.

Mo Miasma said...

and when i think i wanted to go to bed and there he strikes again!! oh gawd, really flipflops would be awsome choice Law! Strong hips i must say Achariya;D

Anonymous said...

LOL!This is wicked! You both do look great in these paper couture dresses! Should have pair them up with those flowery wigs as well!

You guys rock!! <33

Anonymous said...

ooohhh.... you two are delicious! I am so like gonna start stalking Lawless McBride. =^.^=

Auntykuro said...


mo -- ehehe, amazing that the system skirt gives hips to even a guy!

tri -- totally :D next time we'll do the hair.

ame -- *laughing* he's got his own blog, "half-arsed."

Cayce Newell said...

You two rock! Great, great style ;)

Creamy Cooljoke said...

You both look so wrong...yet sooooo right! :D

Anonymous said...

merci Achariya.. I've been licking the screen every time I check "half-arsed" for months and I can hardly see a think now! *giggle*
But, I'm just too shy to leave a comment on lawless' blog at all!

Auntykuro said...

*laughing* -- thanks, guys. hehe.