Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A pale shadow

Shadow Things Beauty Queen Crime Scene skin

It was late at night when I stumbled upon the shop. IRL, the moon was hovering in the center of my living room window, and the child was sound asleep. In Second Life, the sim was midnight, and I couldn't find Free for Fae anywhere. Had it moved? I didn't know. There was a red skin I was looking for, and I'd landed in a strange town with narrow streets and dark shops.

I wandered the town, casting my gaze from side to side, seeking. From the doorway of Shadow Things I saw a flash of white. What was it? I turned to look, and saw a child crouching on the wall, staring at me out of dark, sad eyes. I entered, compelled, fascinated...more children appeared, all staring down at me as if they could tell strange tales...if they could speak.

Struck by wonder, I slipped inside of their skins, and now I'm the one telling strange tales.

Shadow Things Broken Doll skin

Shadow Things Eulogy skin

Shadow Things Ventriloquist skin

(Other outfit details:)
***Shape: ~All Dolled uP~ Doll Avatar Kit (freebie) [The skins go so well with this shape!]
***Hair: Darkstar Designs ::ZoeyV2-Black-
***Necklace: Swallowtail jupiter necklace BLACK
***Shirt: Kyoot Army Snake Charmer Top
***Skirt: Nyte'N'Day Vestige Skirt in Dark Floral
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Asuka in Noir

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