Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guest star: Dove Swanson

The first time I met Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose, she was in her panties making poses. Somehow this impression of Dove remained, so when I went to snap photos of her for my sixteenth guest-star post, I said, "I figure you should be in panties in hilarious poses!"

Dove, being the generous woman that she is, complied. I think she looks dashing in that mohawk and those yellow bits and pieces, especially with her head between her legs.

"Why'd you decide to make poses?" I asked while she bent over and mooned me.

"MONEY!" Dove replied, "Okay just kidding. I was a photographer in SL once upon a time - and something that was always a factor was poses. I always wanted more, and different ones, and constantly thought 'Gee, I wish this pose was a little different' and that's kind of what provoked me. I mean, honestly, a ton of pose makers in SL are or were photographers at some point - it's just a natural progression I think."

I asked where her inspiration comes from.

"Usually from magazines...I probably get 80% from there. From time to time if it's a theme I am working on, I can google for pictures. Kind of like 'geisha' or 'goober' ..:D"

Dove Swanson in the signature long awkward pose

Dove gravitates towards designers with clean lines and flawless construction.

"I guess I always perk up when the big-names drop a load. Like Armidi. Even though I normally only end up buying one or two things. But I would say I also gravitate to the smaller, niche shops ...amerie's NAUGHTY would be one that comes to mind immediately."

I snickered.

"I just said drop a load? LOL." Dove laughed. "Feel free to edit that!"

"No wai. I'm totally using that."

Dove listens to her home stream when she creates, Radioparadise. She's a sucker for folk and indie music, with her current favorite musician being Deb Talan of The Weepies. I went poking at Deb Talan's lyrics for a way into Dove's head, and I found this. It's a fitting description of Dove's humbleness and enormous sense of humor:

I am humbled in this city
There seems to be an endless sea of people like us
Wakeful dreamers, I pass them on the sunlit streets
In our rooms filled with laughter
We make hope from every small disaster
-- The Weepies, Painting by Chagall

***Shirt: ki2 wifebeater dirty
***Hair: black maria - ruby, black
***Socks: surf courture - salleh sox, yellow
***Shoes: AC (aphrodite creations) cheeries RSH flowers (I think they're a red stick hunt freeb)
***Lashes: Cake bedroom lashes
***Eyes: Celestial Studios eyes deep green
***Skin: Celestial Studios vogue skin - cashmere vamp enchant
***Necklace: Ducknipple necklace boobnis [Dove, got an slurl for this?]


Flanner said...

Great interview! Though the girl in The Weepies is Deb Talan, not Vienna Teng.

Auntykuro said...

Thanks for the comment -- fixed. She mentioned both singers, I think, and I was the one that got confuzzled. <3

Anonymous said...

I have Dove Love waaay bad..and there is no cure for it, cept making out with her in whilst Law videotapes us!

Dove Swanson said...

Oh my lord, I'm sucha nerd. I feel like I got drunk last night, Ach took advantage of me and now I'm pregnant. :o lol.

Flanner is correct! I was babbling on about both artists - I <3 Deb and she are the second half of The Weepies.

Wow, great job Ach, it's interesting to see how you bring the interview and pictures together in such a seamless way! <3

Winter Jefferson said...

Hell, yes - Dove is the freakiest gamine girl on the grid. And one of the coolest people I know in either life. Her talent with poses awes me, her personal style makes me giggle admiringly, and her faecophilia just makes me facepalm.

And she has guts - she trawled through half a dozen stores with me dressed in exactly what you see here. She's the perfect complement to Lawless - she rocks, he rocks, and together they are rock squared. Cubed even.

Time to stop babbling before I get dragged offstage by a very large hook. But yeah - <3 Dove!

Lawless McBride said...

i think i just dropped a load reading this interview!!!...now whos gonna clean it up?

Anonymous said...

Nice job Achariya et Dove! I don't know Dove personally, but she always comes across as the gentleness in person (even when sporting a fierce mohawk!) - that's exactly the impression that comes across here. Tremendously lickable,... er, likeable! :)

Allegory Malaprop said...

But the real question here is, where did she get that underwear?

Dove Swanson said...

I meant to drop that info on Ach yesterday, thanks for reminding me Allegory! I'm not in-world at the mo, but Ach, the panties came from the easter hunt at Twosome. :)

Elusyve, I want copies of those videotapes. :p

Winter - what happened to the hate? I was expecting you to at least call me ONE name. I'm hurt. :D

Honey - Hellooo? Do you even know who I am? Achariya interviewed me! *huffs* I'm too famous to be cleaning up yer dropped loads anymore, that's what my personal assistant is for (she swallows).

Amethyst - argh, I'm losing my touch if people are reading me as anything but mean and horrible! hehe :p

Winter Jefferson said...

Winter - what happened to the hate? I was expecting you to at least call me ONE name. I'm hurt. :D

It's just to lure you into a false sense of security, you harpy. I'm working on getting your PIN number before leaving you tied up in a ditch somewhere.