Saturday, April 12, 2008

The game is afoot!

Like my outfit? Everything but the skin was free, including the poses from the free AO. GO HUNT! Swiftly, I'm not sure how long the hunt is going to last. Details on Creamy Cooljoke's post. (Many thanks to Miss Ellantha for the hard brain work.)

By the way, this hunt will seriously deplete your wallet if you allow it -- the adorable little shops have waaaay too many awesome things in them.

[Dear SL: Whyfor are you making all my screenshots crappy in resolution? I swear I used all the right settings. Grumpy & no love, blogger.]

My outfit includes the following free items from the sim opening hunt for Albero Mall, details in Creamy's post:

**THE CLOSET** Gypsy bungle
booN albero freeGIFT hair black
Swallowtail Full Prim Choker ALBERO
*UnToneQuilt*albero special Sandals
*HB* Crow-skirt
**~Twinkleberry~** ALBERO2 earrings


Allegory Malaprop said...

Do you have the extrabig rez setting on in the debug setting stuffs (only works in screenshots saved to harddrive through the menu Snapshot, doesn't work with the Snapshot button and all of its options...which appears to be so very borked in WL)? (I forget what it's called, but it was reasonably self explanitory, I think). You know, that whole mess o' extra options in the extra menu dropdown when you hit Crtl+Alt+D (maybe shift is also in the mix? I forget, I've had mine turned on since I found out about it). I also stealthphoto by turning my camera noise off, unlimited my Select Distance, and goodbye Camera Constraints (those last 2 are the ones that I _love_).

Auntykuro said...

-- when i downloaded the client apparently my sizing reset, so i put it back and all was well. durr, i was an idiot for not checking.