Thursday, April 24, 2008

CHERRY pickin' with Creamy

Featuring the effervescent Creamy Cooljoke!

I'm beginning to sense a common Creamy-Ach clothing aesthetic. When we get together and take pictures, we have (1) big hair (2) babydoll dresses and (3) cute tights. (Well fine, this is only the second time we've done this, but the similarities to our last random act of photography are quite eerie.)

I saw the cute tights on Miu's post to SL Free*Style this morning and had to have them. I mean -- free python tights?! Need! Sadly, I fail at reading Japanese and pinged Creamy. "Pardon me, where can I find these?"

They were in a shop called Saya in the sim CHERRY (I've got a different Saya slurl below, but do check out CHERRY too). It is another cheerfully sprawling Japanese sim full of cheap, free and adorable items. I passed on the head-lion, but couldn't resist the fluffiness of this enormous free white afro. As I mentioned to someone, I'd best stay away from oversized ears, I'm a dead ringer for a queue-tip.

The dresses at Saya remind me a lot of the look of Heart-Cupcakes or Big Booty Big Money, bright and flirty and heavy on the leg. Nothin' wrong with a little leg! (And I do mean little, Creamy had to shorten herself to stand next to me, heh.)

(On Ach)
***Hair: Suzuran lab moffari afuro, 1L at shop
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Spider Cameo Earrings in violet
***Necklace: Saya Cameo Pendant 1
***Dress: Saya pink HANA onepiece
***Tights: Saya python tights in pink -- store freebie!
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Supernova in chartreuse
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA Skin - the starlet

(On Creamy)
***Hair: Suzuran lab moffari afuro, 1L at shop
***Dress: Saya yellow onepiece
***Tights: Saya python tights in brown-- store freebie!
***Shoes: Aphrodite Cheeries RSH flowers (The LM to this might be wrong, I'm guessing as to the store :D )
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* byrnedarkly three skin


Creamy Cooljoke said...

YAY! We're a pair of afrotards. I had such fun wif yooo as always :)

Auntykuro said...

ehehe -- our hair is totally sticking together too :D