Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back in pink!

Look, free clothes from bossa nova.


Okay, I was hardly gone for twelve hours from SL, but it was a long, difficult twelve hours. The recharger chord for my MacBook broke, and I had to drive to the nearest Apple store with my toddler in tow to replace it.

Have you ever taken a three year old to a shop full of expensive electronic equipment?

I thought I'd emulate my RL look today, which is loosely based around the theme of O f***, gotta shower, dress, and pick up the kid in ten minutes before I drive an hour to the Mac store and...what's clean? My bright pink dress? Rock --. The SL equivalent is totally picking whatever's on the top layer of Inventory and dragging it directly over your avatar.

Anyway. The skin, glasses, dress, corsage and bangles are all freebies/dollarbies to add to today's authentic "graduate school mom" look.

***Hair: (creamshop) Plum Hair in brown
***Hair flower: /artilleri/ hair flower in white
***Earrings: /artilleri/ tintable earrings
***Skin: Wilted Rose *WR* Radiant Skin - Pink (1L at the GNubie shop)
***Glasses: primOptic FREE lloyd glasses
***Outfit: bossa nova (from the "last gift box" which is CHOCK FULL of free stuff) - bem querer corsage and dress, celebrity tee in pink, francoise gloves, bangles.
***Shoes: TESLA Diva Heels in black


Lawless McBride said...

you're back!!!!...steps down from the ledge...that was the hardest 12 hours of my life...if you don't count that food poisoning thing up north that summer...and the torn rectum...oh, and the drunk tank...well, it was still pretty bad, and you're so pretty in pink, molly ringworm eat your heart out!!!

Auntykuro said...

My boy avatar would like to categorically deny any knowledge of Lawless's torn up body parts.


I think I look a bit like a drag queen in this outfit, which is never bad.