Thursday, April 10, 2008

Animal in Canimal

On my last post as a furry, someone raised the issue that perhaps furries would get more fashion cred if they wore more haute couture, less raver and goth. This remark lingered in my brain. After rolling it around some, I decided that I think raver clothing looks cute on furries, partly because there are so many fluffy prim parts to flash.

What is the fashion aesthetic of a reindeer, anyway? Knowing me, the aesthetic is probably on the goth edge, but I kept Naoki's remarks in mind and tried for more mainstream as well. Here are two looks, spanning furry fashion from elegant to adorable. As always, clothing is a unique personal choice, and one person's omg-ew is another person's must-have. What remains constant (in my blog) is the quality construction of the pieces. :D

***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Sarah II in ivory
***Shape, hair, antlers, hooves, skin...: Wingless Emoto's free avatars DSC reindeer 2007 GIFT in snow
***Tattoo: Canimal Tiki Time
On first photo:
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: gank choker in white with black stitching
***Dress: Canimal Nox dress in white
***Jacket: Canimal HoundsTooth open jacket in white spotty
On second photo:
***Necklace: Bonita's Jewelry Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace, was a freebie
***Shrug: SLink Pink Cashmere Shrug from Pink Ring party dress costume
***Dress: Haute Style & Co. ~HSC~ Bonji dress


Siri said...

You've inspired me to don my fox-y fur!

Heather said...

I love both looks! Although you know me I am quite partial to pearls so the second look is my favorite! I think more furries should dress fancy it looks great!

Amanda Martin said...

If my comments inspired you to continue exploring this look further, I couldn't be more honored. I have to say that while the black reindeer look from the previous posts had its definite merits (and a drow-like flavor), the white reindeer you showcase here definitely won my heart in the first two seconds. The Sarah hair combined with the blue eyes and the lighter antlers are just a combination to die for.

I like both looks, to be honest -- and I think you've proven here that furry females actually have better reason to start wearing cute, mid-length poofy skirts than other avatars. Yet I've hardly ever seen it! I suppose it's the element of tails that may be the cause for pause, and the variation in their placement is likely daunting to most creators. Still, you've made it something really fantastic (and the combination of furry/evening dress/tattoo is the most original thing I've seen in a long time.

Serenity Semple said...

I don't know if I nessarily agree on the furry comment. There is more to the issue I think than something simple about someone saying they don't wear a lot of Haute Couture.

I personally enjoy fashion to the full extent and do not like to cling to one style over an another (I like to wear what I find good). I model for BareRose and sometimes Ravenwear and whenever I can.

I think the problem may lie in the furry fandom (Sorry I won't go in more depth with this cause you need to be in touch with it to understand I think XD) I know some designers also do not like accomdating furry avs (a lot would require clothes to be no trans only for certain modding purposes)

Blah it's a big whole long response, I might write more on it in my blog. But keep up yers! :D I enjoy reading it.

Auntykuro said...

Thank you for your comments, everybody!

Yes -- it's good to always think about that kind of issue from many sides, isn't it?

Fundamentally, people have different taste, and I only exhibit mine in my blog. I don't like to speak poorly of other people's taste because hey, they might not like mine either. =)

So, uh, peace and love and stuff. :D

Amanda Martin said...

That is a good point, Serenity.

And like you said, perhaps it is the prevalence of certain fashion choices in the furry community that has created a stigma. To be honest, though, my roommate is a "real" furry-type... she is part of a club in our town that meets and talks furry talk and does weird furry things. >;3 I used to be a big furry fan when I was, oh, 15...

My point in saying this is that the "real world" fur types aren't so much into the raver/goth fashion scene as the SL fur population would lead us to believe.

My pure speculation is that many furry types who genuinely make their "fursona" a big part of their everyday life tend to feel ostracized just as "the gawth kids" from your school felt ostracized. So the two go together in some ways, but aren't mutually exclusive, obviously. No such blanket statement is ever wise.

My observation is simply that I am excited to see a wider range of fashion enter this specific culture, as a lovely gown on a human avatar takes on a whole new meaning and atmosphere when viewed on, say, a furry avatar such as the one Achariya has showcased for us. As a non-furry who wants to see everyone happy and able to express him or herself, I think the idea that "couture" (the term gets thrown around so much that it honestly annoys me, but it has its place) may eventually warm some embers in the furry hearth would have few, if any, detrimental effects on the community at large.