Thursday, April 10, 2008

Animal in Canimal

On my last post as a furry, someone raised the issue that perhaps furries would get more fashion cred if they wore more haute couture, less raver and goth. This remark lingered in my brain. After rolling it around some, I decided that I think raver clothing looks cute on furries, partly because there are so many fluffy prim parts to flash.

What is the fashion aesthetic of a reindeer, anyway? Knowing me, the aesthetic is probably on the goth edge, but I kept Naoki's remarks in mind and tried for more mainstream as well. Here are two looks, spanning furry fashion from elegant to adorable. As always, clothing is a unique personal choice, and one person's omg-ew is another person's must-have. What remains constant (in my blog) is the quality construction of the pieces. :D

***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Sarah II in ivory
***Shape, hair, antlers, hooves, skin...: Wingless Emoto's free avatars DSC reindeer 2007 GIFT in snow
***Tattoo: Canimal Tiki Time
On first photo:
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: gank choker in white with black stitching
***Dress: Canimal Nox dress in white
***Jacket: Canimal HoundsTooth open jacket in white spotty
On second photo:
***Necklace: Bonita's Jewelry Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace, was a freebie
***Shrug: SLink Pink Cashmere Shrug from Pink Ring party dress costume
***Dress: Haute Style & Co. ~HSC~ Bonji dress
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