Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You put the sting of mania into a mortal soul!

Tenshi Vielle of [CRAP] and Shopping Cart Disco

I teleported my twelfth guest star over to my studio and what appeared was something cute and fluffy. "Tenshi?" I asked.

"Whoooo?" Tenshi replied, craning her neckless head upward.

Well, not really, but her barn owl avatar was so cute that I begged her to pose with it. I began to think about the symbolism of the barn owl while we took pictures.

"I've always liked birds," Tenshi admitted.

Tenshi likes a number of things, including anime, if you couldn't tell from her name (which means "angel"). She isn't Japanese, but it's clear that her mind goes everywhere.

Owls in ancient Greece were a symbol of Minerva/Athena, the goddess of wisdom. This made internal sense to me, that one of the wise and thoughtful voices of the SL fashion world should be drawn to them. Tenshi's blog is always full of questions that make me think. One post that I remember went something like this: Come on guys, stop blogging the same outfits. When are you gonna show me something new?! Her injunction that writers should show people things that they haven't seen before has remained with me.

What strikes me most about Tenshi is her fearlessness.

Birds appear on the bottom hem of Tenshi's new dress on her human avatar, too. The dress is just as quirky as Tenshi's blog and fashion line. She has yet to produce anything that looks recycled or made just for sales. In fact, she often gives items away for free, especially the items that are made with a strong social consciousness. Tenshi has taken on SL content theft from the top down, not only writing about it at length in her blog, but also keeping us abreast of her work to make the Lindens care about the artistic creations in our world.

I was amused to find these words in reference to Athena, and think they fit Tenshi very well:

Maiden with the sublime heart, Slayer of the Gorgon, Mother of Art in all Your abundance, catalyst of progress! You bring folly to the corrupt and a sense of purpose to the pure!
-- From the Orphic hymn to Minerva

***Owl: TINY LOVE an's shop - barn owl
***Shoes: Hays Uriza
***Dress: Tenshi Vielle's [CRAP] Bird Dress
***Skin: Popfuzz
***Hair: [Aden] retextured "Rhianna" hair, and the Milla bangs


Genna Gray said...

The Who??? made me giggle out loud and I couldn't seem to stop. Tenshi is not only a talented content creator, but has a bit of mirth in her as well. Thanks for the fun read.

Auntykuro said...

Ehehe, I can see that sense of humor in her. :D

Thanks for reading!

Dove Swanson said...

Is it just me or is there a trend in fashion lately involving critters and food? Is that the new spring theme?

I don't mind, cuz I think it's all cute - was just noticing in my shopping adventures lately that you can get snack foods on yer clothing, and critters for every attach point and texture.

Auntykuro said...

It's true! I saw Gogolita wearing snacks just the other day!

I think the critter trend is from the 70s, right? I seem to recall these stylized owls on my mama's outfits.