Thursday, March 20, 2008

You find 20 gold pieces and a short sword

I peeked into the folder for Schadenfreude's latest dress (created for the new shop at Haute Couture!), and I almost fled from the challenge of creating an outfit from the twenty-eight different pieces. Yes, that's right, everything is on multiple layers. There are also two glove lengths, tintable overbust laces, three skirt sizes (from daringly short to demurely Victorian), and each skirt comes either scripted or unscripted.

MY GOD, ALLEGORY. No wonder you complain that it takes you so long to create! You've given us a whole wardrobe, not just one dress! The woman does this with her other clothing, too. Her emerald tuxedo came with so many parts that she had to box up all the extras...

Revenant. I had to look this up, figuring it meant something related to the beautifully distressed fabric on the skirts, which looks like something a long-mouldering druid would wear. I wasn't far off: a folkloric corpse that returns from the grave. Thank you, Wikipedia. Whatever the dress's origin, I love wearing it because it makes me feel like part of an epic fantasy.

Hethr Engle once said this very wise thing to me: "I can't buy clothing if it's on stupid layers." Schadenfreude is proof that you can have your undershirt and wear it as a jacket too.

***Hair: -Hiccup The Tease in brown
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar in Orange
***Tattoo: GARDEN OF KU Hanamachi Dream
***Bracelet: Double Paradox/Yum Yum Group Gift ::bangle::D-brown
***Necklace: [T.King] Steampunk Clock Collar
***Dress: Schadenfreude (at Haute Couture!) Sepia Revenant Dress (with 28 parts!)
***Boots: *TR* Garnet_Brown Boots

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