Friday, March 21, 2008

You couldn't help but notice her

There's something tragic about being blond, isn't there? Maybe that's why I stick to black hair in Second Life. I put on the blond and feel as if I've got a sign on my back: Vulnerable, Sweet, Exploitable.

I put on this hair (Curl Up and Dye's Marilyn) and knew that today, my avatar was doomed. She's gonna get discovered by a slimy bastard with a fake Rolex, taken to the big city, and forced to star in femmesploitation films like Steel Magnolias.

That's right. Blond hair breaks my heart! In honor of this look (the gorgeous new dress from SLink was chosen because blonds look excellent in black), I put on some T-Bone Burnett.

She was discovered by a man three times her age
Who worked for a studio
And he bought her dresses and perfume
And moved her into his home
He got her a part in a comedy
Where she played a dumb blonde whore
And she posed without clothes for a magazine
And the offers came in by the score

You couldn't help but notice her
She was fatally beautiful
Ever since she was a girl
She was fatally beautiful

-- T-Bone Burnett, Fatally Beautiful

Edit: Hethr protests that she'd never be taken in by a fake Rolex! Point well made. I don't mean to stereotype blonds at all (well, I did), so I'll point out that there are just as many idiotic brunettes in the world. Like myself! :D

***Hair: Curl Up and Dye Salon - Marilyn - ash blond
***Skin: MiaSnow *MIA* SOFIA 2.0 Skin 8
***Earrings: /artilleri/ lucky dice earrings, color change script
***Necklace: The Closet **TC in SHELTER**Feather Necklace
***Dress: SLink Black Ostrich Feather Dress (comes with a sleek pair of black pumps, not shown)
***Shoes: ::69:: (main store) Nightmare - Black -- treasure hunt freebie


Heather said...

Ummmm.... as a blonde I must object! I am only semi-sweet and I don't think any fake rolexes will lure me to the big city. But you do look adorable :P

Auntykuro said...


You have an excellent point. I guess I should limit my blanket-statement to marilyn-esque blonds. :D

olivia connaught said...

i was running around in an adorable blonde freebie and vulnerable was exactly how i felt. i dunno if it was 'cause i'm unused to it or what, but i definitely had a visceral reaction. interrrrrresting. in other news, that dress? hot!

Auntykuro said...

Isn't it a great dress??

The rest of the collection is awesome too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!

Auntykuro said...

Thanks Otenth, that's kind of you to say!