Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two dresses, both alike in dignity

Ach in the ~silentsparrow~ Coronis dress suite

This morning I awoke from my peaceful post-prospectus-draft-completion slumber to realize that *gasp* today was the day that hyasynth was releasing the Coronis Dress Suite, the complement to her Coronis Suit!

I fell for the Coronis Suit when I saw the perfect shading on the jacket. The Serendipity Suit is much the same -- a union of fabric and cut and style that melts together to form something greater. This dress suite has a new skirt look for hy -- it's the first time she's done something quite this layered and fluffy. Her other grand gowns, the Delerium, the Serendipity, the Dans Macabre, and the Mille Feuille, have distinctly different skirts. The Delerium and Serendipity have a 1850s bell shape, and the Mille Feuille and Dans Macabre hearken back to the Louis XIV era.

These prim skirts are a definite departure of hy, and I hear that we are to see more of this shape in the future. What do I love about them? The very ~silentsparrow~ patch of gauzy embellishment on the front of the skirt, so that you have to be sure to wear good shoes. :D

The dress has sixteen pieces (augh, the choices, even without the additional matching suit), and there are are as many colors to this dress as there are to the Coronis Suit so that the two sets can intermingle. There will also be a very formal updo from Calico Creations to complement the dress.

I'm searching for the poetry in my mind that usually spews forth when confronted with a blank page, and finding that I spent it all on my prospectus! At least it's done! Ah well, I'll let the clothing speak for itself.

More skirt and top options for the Coronis suite!

***Hair: /artilleri/ myst in brown (first photo) and black (second photo)
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) choco (first photo) and kiss (second photo)
***Necklace & earrings: -EARTHTONES- Conessa in Reverie/Gold
***Dress (including 16 pieces, from socks to panties to skirt to four corsets to jacket and all between): ~silentsparrow~ Coronis Dress suite in Sepia (first photo) and blood (second photo)
***Shoes: SLink Suede Boots in Hot Chocolate (first photo) and Black (second photo)

Ready for more? I'm not done yet! You guys are going to hate me today for such a long post...

Ach in Ingenue's Polynesian Princess

As I've mentioned before, I love freebie hunting because it allows me to explore. I avidly watch Creamy Cooljoke and the various Fabs, and immediately race off to treasure hunt when they post something new. Then, I see how cool the rest of the store is and start to invest... This is how I found this great hair by Aoharu. (You'll be seeing it on Sai Pennell too, I ran into her while shopping.)

I think the hair turns this very gorgeous vintage LBD into something contemporary. Rachel Serendipity's take on the dress looks very vintage (go check out Rachel's blog here), which just goes to show that personality completely determines style.

My clothing personality changes by the day. In this ensemble, I'm ready to go crash The Party with Peter Sellers as my date.

Oh, I forgot to mention the shoes. I realized one day that I own no sandals! I stumbled upon these at the same sim as my new hair fixation, Shop Seu, and made grabby clicks. I like.

***Hair: Aoharu ANN01d(black)
***Skin: Winter Moon WM Another Skin Mod by Arbe; (Rfo) Racoon (freckles) -- store freebie!
***Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Gank collar in white with black stitching
***Bracelets: Digital Dragon Designs DDD Ladies Aggression Arm Bands
***Dress: Ingenue Polynesian Princess in Zombie color
***Shoes: *luly*BIBA_black
***Tattoo: VZ Mart Arm Nautic Stars (onrez dollarbie)


Anonymous said...

*gasps* Must..have.. Coronis dress! *prepares to sell self for lindens* You are beautiful as always!

Fricka Morgath said...

Gorgeous pictures! I smell a lemming.. for pretty much everything you posted. ^^

Auntykuro said...

Ahh, thanks you guys. Aren't these pretty? 0_0 Now I need the Coronis Suit in blood to match the dress. =_=

Arianna Psaltery said...

*gasp* Your pictures capture the look perfectly :) I love the layers :D