Saturday, March 8, 2008

A study in Milla

I admit to you that today's outfit is simply a study in color. I'm still learning about fashion, and part of this involves staring at other people's blogs to see how they put outfits together. For example, I pour over Milla Michinaga's style blog with a slightly scary intensity. She's got a way with color and shape that's simply gorgeous, and I've been trying to puzzle out how she does it.

This was my attempt to use some of Milla's unofficial color rules. I think it goes like this: Start with a neutral base, then add a color. Make sure that this color isn't random, but echoed once or twice in the outfit. If you go and stare at her, you'll notice that she uses this rule for many of her outfits, making sure that the splash of color never fights with the other outfit bits.

Other stuff I wanted to do with my outfit today include wearing this floaty-riffic new shirt from Bare Rose, dashing hat from Elegance Hats, and freebie Shiny Things necklace from the Gnubie Store.

Lots of people have been writing about the Gnubie Store lately, so I popped over for a curious little exploration. I found a wealth of great stuff. For the budget minded, two items of this outfit are freebies, and the carefully made-up skin was extremely cheap (250L) at {bazy}.

***Hat: Elegance Hats Greta in red silk
***Skin: !! {bazy} emmie skin [light] red
***Hair: -Hiccup Sugar Water - Black
***Necklace: (Shiny Things, Gnubie Store) Knotted bead strand necklace - freebie!
***Undershirt: Ash Style Plain shirts white
***Shirt: Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Tietop Boro Bolero in black
***Pants: [CRAP] Gaucho Pant in white
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Glossy Ribbon Boots in red


Milla Michinaga said...

I'm humbled and intrigued at the same time.... I don't actually have conscious plan.... but I see and love what you do! Just.. Thank You! :)
Love. Milla

Auntykuro said...

Awww, it's you! :D

I wondered when you'd notice I was stalking you. *cough* At any rate, yes, SL is such a wonderful place to learn, isn't it?