Friday, March 28, 2008

soixante neuf est mignon

::69:: had an Easter hunt at their new main store recently. It introduced me to such an interesting build that I suggest you spend some time there even without shopping. It has an outbuilding, and a library of Alice-sized books, and even indoor topiary hedges. The topiary really got me. I think the little square hedges are even sitting on astroturf!

I'd mentally bookmarked the store as a place to go back and browse after the Easter madness was over. Today I went back and saw -- argh -- matching hats and pumps! I say argh because I stood staring at them for a full fifteen minutes because I couldn't pick the colors I wanted. I finally picked my default black and white, although the olive and pink and blue and maroon were also tempting... This Nymphetamine outfit isn't brand new, but I was looking for something to stick between the hat and shoes that would enhance the cuteness of both. Does it work? It could've been anything, really, because this post is about the accessories.

Speaking of cuteness, I'm totally addicted to this Japanese dolly dress up site. And that's what I'm going to go mess with now that my post is done.

***Outfit: Nymphetamine Paeoti_Ms Chaplin (with gloves, corset, prim skirt, panties, stockings with bows)
***Black tights: Kyoot Army [KA] Group gift, Aya Capri Tights (*Japan)
***Shoes: ::69:: Candy pumps in White with Black Polkadots
***Hat: ::69:: Candy Hat in White with Black Polkadots
***Necklace: ::69:: AX&Skull topchain
***Hair: -Hiccup Dungeons and Dragons in Burgundy
***Skin: Blue Blood Goth Heavy Makeup

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