Sunday, March 16, 2008

She looks so pretty in pink

Siddean Munroe of SLink

I'd never met Siddean Munroe in person, although I have seen lots and lots of her shoes. Yesterday, while chatting with her about her latest boot, Siddean mentioned that she'd just had a fashion show. She said that for a limited time all of her new releases were going to be on massive sale at her shop. These outfits include shoes, and the sale price is more than generous.

I hopped over to her sale and finally met her. We stared at each other for a moment.

"You're as tiny as I'd imagined," Siddean chuckled at me.

Siddean, on the other hand, is tall and totally hot stuff!

Siddean's new clothing is as sleek as her shoes, with clean lines and careful construction. In the above picture she's in a pair of her new jeans (feeding into my tush obsession -- look at that shading).

In honor of Relay for Life, I'm in two pink outfits. Above is Siddean's (not made for Relay for Life, but a lovely shade of pink), and below is hyasynth's. I've been aching to wear hyasynth's gorgeous pink brocade for days now, but she tsked at me and said to wait until Relay for Life began.

Both outfits brought me back to that magical moment in the 80s when I felt sure I'd grow up to be Molly Ringwald. I'm old enough that I saw Pretty in Pink as a double feature in the theater with St. Elmo's Fire, and it was probably the best movie experience I've ever had.

I wonder what it was about Molly Ringwald that so perfectly captured the adolescence of a whole generation. Was it her sheer normalcy? The way her eyes seemed to glow in a doe-like manner beneath her moppet-hair? Or perhaps it was the fact that her personality was much more interesting than the romantic lead's?

Because of Molly I can wear pink and feel powerful or something. Or at the very least, thirteen again.

***Hair: *SHOP SEU* -ikemen hair- only comes in this shade of brown!
***Skin: /artilleri/ lily (porcelain) *saturday*
***Earrings: *~*illusions gothica set in antique/tiger's eye
***Outfit 1: SLink Pink Ring party dress, also comes with a shrug (not shown), mules and more skirt options
***With the first dress, I'm wearing this tattoo: Minajunk store freebie butterfly tattoo
***Outfit 2: ~silentsparrow~ Clair de Lune in pink for Relay for Life, also comes with hair (not shown), delicate vine tattoo, tutu (not shown), and vest (not shown)


hyasynth tiramisu said...

*mmm Psychedelic Furs morning*
This house is strange for "80's nostalgia" for me...I was so little the brat pat movies and even BAD derivative late new-romantic songs have a warm place in my heart. Every time I dance around to Real Life's - Send me an Angel. Jessica scoffs at me. (but good natured in her mocking, thankfully.)

Auntykuro said...

Yay! Psychedelic Furs!

In later years, I realize that the true romance of Pretty in Pink was between Blaine and Ducky.

*grin* I love Send me an Angel. I also love Tainted Love. Right, love most 80s.

Siddean said...

I am old enough to have seen that movie twin feature as well, although I am not sure if I liked it! I mean, Pretty in Pink is NOTHING like the kind of film I would choose now, but heck, when it's on TV, I can't drag myself away from it O.O

Auntykuro said...

...seriously...Pretty in Pink is such a guilty pleasure. :D

Alyx Sands said...

I was born in 1972. That says all I think. I love 80s stuff....although I was more of a Breakfast Cub girl. Loved Ally Sheedy in that one. Pink is just so not my colour... ;)

*dances like a madwoman to "Tainted Love"*