Sunday, March 30, 2008

Red red wine you make me feel so fine

Rosemary Galbraith of ROSEMAR

Rosemary Galbraith, my fourteenth guest star, was one of the first people to read my blog. She contacted me right away with a warm welcome and invited me up to hang out with her in her shop, back when it was called Oh! What a! and floated high in the sky.

I teleported in...and there Rosemary was, totally nekkid.

"I'm overdressed!" I exclaimed, and she laughed.

Even back then, Rosemary was carefully putting together a line of skins. "I've been working on skins for weeks," She explained. "I'm especially proud of the tush." She turned to show it off. Indeed, the bottom on her first version of the ROSEMAR skin was perfectly shaded!

That was my first experience with Rosemary. She's been as cheerful and mellow as a glass of merlot ever since, a creator without a trace of diva (except for her AO).

Then, Rosemary disappeared. Her store poofed, and she surfaced only to work. Months later, a notice came out that her new store on Popfuzz was finally open. Her months of hard work on skins has paid off, and her line is carefully made and unique and lush, just like the lady who made 'em.

I showed up to photograph Rosemary and noticed that she was a lovely shade of bronze with some outstanding hair. "Are you this shade in real life?"

"Hm, I'm Native American/Swedish/German type mix in RL, so a pasty yellowish hue," she laughed. "In SL, i do enjoy to be darker. And my hair addiction is growing now that I don't have to buy skins!"

***Skin: ROSEMAR espresso - makeup 19
***Dress: ROSEMAR beaded dress in blue with reworked prims
***Earrings: Turnstyle sand dollar earrings (not for sale at the moment)
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) lulu pumps in black
***Hair: Creamshop Afro Pony


Amanda Martin said...

That's definitely some of the best skin-shading I've ever seen. And I agree with her -- as a particularly pale girl IRL, myself, I love occasionally donning a lovely ebony or bronze-y color (not tan, but 'ethnic'?). There aren't nearly enough gorgeous, darker-skinned girls in SL as there should be!

Auntykuro said...

Agreed. Rosemary has been working her ass off on these skins, and the quality shows.

I should probably take more photos in darker skins. Sadly, my avatar's "identity" is kind of stuck to pale...