Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Procrastination, thy name is Second Life

I'm not procrastinating anything, really. (You mean I've posted five times in the past two days? Er. I plead the fifth, and it's not about procrastination at all, honest. Or that huge paper I have due in a week.)

In honor of not procrastinating, I put on a librarian-esque outfit that's been sitting in my "for blogging" folder for a while now. It's got bits and pieces gathered from Japanese designers, menswear designers, an optician... What's odd is that this is how I dress IRL, more or less!

primOptics sent us writers a few gift certificates to check out their stuff, so I did. I love how fuss-with-able (totally a word) these glasses are. You can change lens color, frame color, shininess, even bling. I wish my IRL glasses could do the same! Hell, if there was a click-button for adjusting prescriptions, I'd be begging my optician to figure out how to replicate the script!

When I put on the Canimal review skin, I was immediately reminded of Scarlett Johansson by the focus on the eyes and light touch to the already noticeable lips. Look at me, hiding this skin behind glasses! Definitely try the demo.

I found the (not free) hair during a freebie adventure to Tekkutekku. They've got a few delightful styles, but I fell for this "I studied all day" look. The skirt is from one of those tiny but drool-worthy Japanese shops called Hushaby. It has a small selection of items, but they're all so creatively made! I look like I've been standing too near post-apocalyptic oil-can fires in this thing! It goes so well with Mr. Magellan's vest and the Sprocket undershirt. I feel like I'm all ready for an adventure...

Evelyn: I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure hunter, or a gunfighter, Mister O'Connell. But I'm proud of what I am.

O'Connell: And what is that?

Evelyn: I'm...a librarian!

(--from The Mummy)

***Hair: =TEKUTEKU= cottoncandy in black
***Skin: Canimal - Essence (Grace) ..of Simplicity
***Glasses: -=primOptic eyewear=- Agile glasses 1.15
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ sprocket undershirt in (scarlet/white) from the suite
***Vest: Mako Magellan Brown Suit Waistcoat free giveaway for the Rue D'Antibes sim opening
***Skirt: Hushaby Baby::: HB-F-skirt
***Socks: *UnTone Quilt* tights (Elephant khaki)
***Shoes: Slink Olivia Suede Wedge Boots Chocolate

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Dove Swanson said...

Hey, I have that skirt! :D I just haven't figured out how I want to pair it up into an outfit yet. I was going to wear it to the fashion for fido show but figured I should dress up a *leedle* bit. hehe. I like the way you worked it, and like usual, very original!