Friday, March 7, 2008

Music of the moon

Severus Seversky in Clair de Lune, silver

What do Second Life seamstresses think while they create? I can envision the scene in my mind.

Quietly, hyasynth sits at her computer with Photoshop in front of her. In Second Life, hyasynth the avatar is kneeling in front of a dressmaker's dummy. A song comes onto the sim station and the avatar glances out of the screen.

hyasynth smiles, and they both mouth the words while they work. The avatar's fingers trace a curl of leaf on the cloth, fix a pattern so that the fabric joins perfectly from one seam to the next, make magic that turns a garment from a coat into something with depth and history. The person thinks of story and design: a thorny vine, moonlight music, Dangerous Liasons, King George, and colors from Marie Antoinette's court.

It is quiet work late into the night, so late that light spills through the window before they are done. Still the song plays, and somehow, it has become woven into the design.

Well they lay down beside me, I made my confession to them.
They touched both my eyes and I touched the dew on their hem.
If your life is a leaf that the seasons tear off and condemn
they will bind you with love that is graceful and green as a stem.
-- Leonard Cohen, Sisters of Mercy

New Clair de Lune suit (of fifteen pieces, including pants, frock coat, tutu, corset, jacket, vest, and two sorts of prim cuffs) available in three colors (Silver, Fawn, and Starlight) from ~silentsparrow~.

Achariya the dusky-nosed reindeer in Clair de Lune, silver.

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