Saturday, March 15, 2008

Merely frozen dreams

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about Ach the boy, didn't you. No, he was just on probation for his misdeeds (and he says he'd like a few more, it's been boring in time out). He emerged today due to two things. First, the re-release of Schadenfreude's Another Fundraiser Carny skins. Ohhh yes. I put this skin on my boy avatar and felt like I was watching The Crow for the first time all over again.

(Did anyone else have a sick, sad crush on Brandon Lee? He was so painfully lovely in The Crow. I swear that The Crow was my gateway drug to Gaiman's Sandman, because I wanted more depressed, pretty goth boi.)

Second, I got a notice from RahzinhaA Pera that she was opening a shop devoted to "the best of Brazilian and international fashion." I hopped over and saw *gasp* menswear!

First thing I did was make sure Lawless McBride hadn't raided the place yet (he hadn't), then I found two outfits that looked great on Mr. Ach-does-the-crow. Note: there are freebie boxes of goodies (including great sunglasses) on a bench in the menswear section of the store.

I leave you with this deep thought that reminds me of Second Life:

We have seen stranger things in dreams; and fictions are merely frozen dreams, linked images with some semblance of structure. They are not to be trusted, no more than the people who create them.

-- Neil Gaiman, Sandman

***Hair: -=H2L=- Shun Black
***Skin: Schadenfreude Creepy Carny boy skin
***Collar: Teaser from Schadenfreude, not yet released!
***Shirt: Rahz Store's promotion of the best in Brazilian design, "T-Shirt No" by Sensual Mystery.
***Pants: Rahz Store's promotion of the best in Brazilian design, pants from the "MICHEL north island" set by Sensual Mystery.
***Belt: Kiki's Closet :::kc::: BLUFF [SILVER]
***Shoes: Bechenbauer Productions Oi big shark


Violet Voltaire said...

*fan girl squeel* I heart you ACHBOI!

Auntykuro said...

Awwws violet. Hey! Our date is coming up!

Lawless McBride said...

omg i snoozed and i loozed!! heading there this morning!!!..and i grabbed that skin and how could anyone not love the crow?? you want chocolate chips in your pancakes this morning, ach?

Auntykuro said...

Aww, you didn't snooze, you worked hard like a good boy! :D I was the slacker. *cough*

I want strawberries. Hand-feeding is also a plus. :D

olivia connaught said...

Did anyone else have a sick, sad crush on Brandon Lee?

um, let me get a few guinneses down and i'll probably tell you that the little gothling in me still does...oops, there goes that secret.