Thursday, March 13, 2008

I was a proper doll once more

I was a clockwork doll that night,
and I turned left and I turned right
and when I fell and broke to bits,
they recomposed my wax and wits.

I was a proper doll once more,
my manner carefully demure;
and yet a doll of another kind
an injured twig that tendrils bind.

And when they asked me to a ball
although my steps were rhythmical,
they partnered me with dog and cat.

My hair was gold, my eyes were blue.
I wore a dress where flowers grew.
Cherries blazed on my straw hat.

-- "Clockwork Doll", Dalia Ravikovitch

More about the hauntingly pretty formal frock over here on hyasynth's website.

***Hat: Silver Rose Designs Fair marie Little Hat (Dawn)
***Hair: Atelier TEA =AT= Alice / L (freebie)
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Snow Queen 3
***Shape: ~All Dolled uP~ Doll Avatar Kit (freebie)
***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ spiderbaby in blueberry (11 pieces to this set including bloomers, bloomer cuffs, a sleeveless shirt, puffy sleeves, a vest, a corset...there are also four other colors of this!)
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Glossy Ribbon Boots in blue

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