Friday, March 21, 2008

I hope ace means what I think it means

Free Easter hat from the Ivalde egg hunt

One of the first things I purchased in SL was Draconic's pirate princess outfit. I even hunted down a tricorn hat to complete the look! The outfit came with an open skirt much like this one, and I loved how the bloomers flashed beneath. Draconic's bloomers and split-skirts are ace. The skirt also comes in a long Victorian version, and you can see more photos of it here. (I just learned the word ace from Creamy Cooljoke, by the way. I think it means "cool" in American.)

I'm posting again today because (1) I can't actually get on SL to move around, due to the slow-arse servers, and (2) One of the items that I'm wearing is timely. See that awesome Elegance Hat that looks reminiscent of a fried egg? It's from the Ivalde easter egg hunt. Yep, on the Ivalde sim right now there are a number of easter eggs, full of goodies from Ivalde, Second Mirage, Elegance Hats and more... Remember, don't TAKE the egg, just click on it! The hunt ends tomorrow (Sat. March 22).

***Hat: Elegance Hats Easter Cecile -- Free in the treasure hunt (lasts until tomorrow, Sat. March 22)
***Hair: ETD Elikapeka's Hair in Black Green -- Free in the lucky clover hunt that's over now :/
***Skin: Blue Blood Skins -- Goth Heavy Makeup
***Necklace: Magika Leather Bow Necklace
***Outfit: Draconic Kiss Ella in green
***Socks: Corduroy stripe socks in grey (tintable)
***Shoes: ::69:: (main store) Nightmare - White -- Free in the egg hunt

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